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A Step-By-Step Guide On Ironing Your Shirt’s Sleeves

How to Iron Shirt’s Sleeves

Are your shirt’s sleeves wrinkly after they had their time in the washing machine? There is a solution to fix your shirt: iron it until it looks fresh and new. However, how do you iron shirt sleeves properly? If you want to iron your shirts the correct way, then you need to follow some simple processes. In this article, we will tell you just how to iron your sleeves for your shirts!

There are two ways of ironing a shirt that we will talk about in the next section which includes ironing the creases or ironing the sleeve until it is smooth enough.


What Do You Need To Iron Shirts?

Before we go into how to properly iron your shirt sleeves, we need to go over the basic tools that you need. There are only two tools that you need to iron your sleeves. The first is an iron board while the second is the iron itself. The iron board is where you can lay your clothes down as you use the iron to make your clothes less wrinkly. But, if you are ironing your shirt smoothly, then you are going to need a sleeve board.

According to Ironaway, many different articles of clothing are ironed, however, dress shirts are the most common pieces of clothing that are ironed out of all of the other clothing. As we said in the last section, there are two particular ways to iron shirt sleeves that we will go over.


Step-By-Step Guide On Iron Dressing Shirt Sleeves:

 As told by Ironaway, you can iron sleeves by either ironing the creases or by ironing it until it is smooth enough for you. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you prefer the most. Here is a step-by-step breakdown guide on how you can iron your sleeves both ways.


How To Iron Your Dress Shirt Sleeves By Crease:

Out of the two ways, this one is the easiest one to do. Here are the steps on how to do it by the crease:

Step 1: Line Your Sleeve With The Seam

The first thing to do is to line the bottom seam of your sleeve to the top seam of your shirt. Once you get that all lined up, press down hard enough.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Iron Is Hot And Ready

When your shirt is slightly damp and your iron is hot and ready, you can now begin to iron your sleeve. When you finish, you will notice that your shirt will have a more precious crease.

Step 3: Your Shirt Is All Set!

When you finish with the two steps, your shirt will look good and new. This method of ironing a shirt’s sleeve is typically used by the military due to making the shirts look more professional and formal. If you don’t want to do this method, there is another one that will make your sleeves smooth.


How To Iron Your Dress Shirt Sleeves By Smoothing It:

If you want to do this method, you are going to need to use a different ironing board. The iron board that you are going to need to use is a sleeve board. It is almost like a traditional iron board but it is smaller in size. The method is the same as the crease one, but since you are using a different iron board for your shirts, there are a few differences like:

  • The iron presses the material out from the cuff without the need for the creases.
  • Sleeve boards are believed to be one of the only ways to get both the sleeve and shoulder of the shirt completely smooth, but it is debatable if it is true or not.

These are the ways on how you can iron your shirt. A lot of people who iron say that they prefer the first way rather than the second one, but as we said, it’s all a matter of preference Now that we covered all that, what about long-sleeved shirts? We will go over how to iron long-sleeved shirts if you have shirts like that in the next section.


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How To Iron A Long-Sleeved Shirt?

Ironing a shirt that has long sleeves is easy much like the short-sleeve counterpart. Here is a step-by-step guide for ironing shirts that have long sleeves:

Step 1: Spray Your Shirt

Before you do anything, it is a great idea to spray your shirt with starch. You can make this simple spray by mixing 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with two cups of water. 

Step 2: Start Ironing The Collar

When you are ironing a shirt, you should always start with the collar of the shirt before you iron the rest of it. If you do it later, your hard work of ironing your shirt will go to waste! Also, if your collar has buttons, it is advisable to button them up before continuing.

Step 3: Pat It Down

Once you get your collar ready, you need to use your hands to find where the crease is while your iron is heating. When you figure out the crease and your iron is hot enough, you can now begin to iron your shirt. Make sure to press the collar down while you iron.

Step 4: Flatten The Sleeves

Whatever you want to start with the left or right sleeve, it doesn’t matter which one you start with. Find the seam of the shirt first and lay it flat on the board. That way, it won’t make your shirt look uneven.

Step 5: Begin Ironing Your Sleeves

When your shirt sleeves look flat and line up perfectly, you can now iron your sleeves. It doesn’t matter what sleeve you start with, just start with one and then go to the other. When you get the wrist part of the sleeve, you now want to figure out where you want the creases to be. Do this step with both sides of the sleeve.

Step 6: Iron The Right Side Of Your Shirt

First, drape your shirt over the iron board. The shoulder portion of the shirt should be over the edge. It is important to go very slowly when doing this step because you can create more wrinkles in your shirt. Do this same step with the left side as well.

Step 7: Ironing The Backside

The last step when ironing your shirt is doing the backside. For the backside, you will have to iron the shirt about three times. Iron the shirt from the back to the pleat, then slide the iron throughout the shirt. Smooth it down so you can create the crease that you want. There you have it, there is the steps on how you can iron you iron your long sleeve shirts!



Ironing your clothes takes a little time, but we promise you that it will be worth it in the end. Figure out what method you prefer then follow the steps that we presented here. If you want to know more about how to iron your shirt, here is a Youtube video that you can watch >> Click here. Make your clothes look fancy and formal by ironing!