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Invisible Kitchens Are Trending

Invisible Kitchens Are Trending

The most modern unconventional kitchen of the century is here. The craze and hype about the kitchen is something you can’t miss. The known designers of the interior industry have seen a sharp rise in demand for such a modern invisible kitchen. This trend is as interesting as its name.

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What is an Invisible Kitchen?

Invisible kitchens are kitchens that can camouflage with the rest of the house while a conventional kitchen can be seen. Some years back the kitchen was seen as a space where you cooked your food but the invisible kitchen has changed its meaning and has made the kitchen a place that serves as a working centre of the house.

As more individuals embrace modern kitchens – where the kitchen works as a dynamic space of the house – there’s less demand for colossal, prominent ranges and larger than average hoods. Instead, families are seeing the kitchens as a quieter portion of the house, with more slender countertops and blended materials as opposed to huge islands and showy finishes.

One critical developing kitchen trend is an invisible kitchen. The kitchen conceals all the appliances and tucks everything behind doors specially made for that purpose. This keeps the counters clean and the kitchen feels more of a part of the living room. You get to see only the necessary item while everything else is hidden from sight.

How is it possible?

As technology is advancing so are the houses. People have shifted from traditional kitchens to modular ones and are now showing interest in having an invisible kitchen. The docking and charging stations have made this process quite easy. Also, people nowadays live in small spaces hence they do not want a kitchen that takes too much of their space. Due to all this, the designers thought of a kitchen that stays hidden when you have no use for it.

How do you create an Invisible Kitchen?

There are many ways in which you can make your kitchen invisible. Let us have a look at them.

Invisible Hinges For Kitchen Cabinet

Invisible hinges for kitchen cabinets are a miracle. It is only when you open the cabinet can you see the hinge. From the outside, you won’t be able to detect any kind of hinge. As the invisible hinges for kitchen cabinets cannot be seen from the exterior of the cabinet they provide a smooth and aesthetically beautiful appearance. They provide more security as no one can tamper with them. Mostly European hinges are used for cabinets as they have more benefits. You are able to adjust the position of a door after its installation which is what makes them different from the conventional hinges. Some hinges even come with a self-closing system. The doors of the cabinet can be easily removed due to these hinges. They leave you with a clean and perfect look for an invisible kitchen.

Invisible Kitchen Sink

Sometimes faucets and sinks can be elements that disrupt the look of your kitchen. This is where the invisible kitchen sink comes into play. With the push and pull of a button, you can hide your sink and get it out when you need to use it. Another option is covering the cavity of the sink with a cover designed specifically for it. You can either do it manually or automatically. Advancement in technology has brought innovations to your kitchen sink too. The invisible kitchen sink is able to read gestures and can move up and down with just a single move of your hand. All these methods are effective and have an invisible kitchen sink that gives you more room. You can perform other cooking functions with the extra space.


A very important appliance for your kitchen is your fridge. It stands out completely. But now it can be built-in so that it completely blends with your interior. It will look like a cabinet and no one will be able to identify it as a fridge.


Hoods are another chunky thing that is present in your kitchen. But in an invisible kitchen, the hood can be motorized. It blends with your countertops. It comes out only when you need it. Some hoods are more advanced and don’t have to come out of hiding due to their strong suction. The smoke is directed straight towards it.

Seamless Surfaces

When you see a kitchen the first thing you notice is the big worktop. They are very important when it comes to building an invisible kitchen. Would you believe if we say that the working space, the dining area, cooking space and all the other desks can happen on the same counter? Yes, that is quite possible. The new induction systems have made this possible. The induction can be tucked below the working space making it invisible. You can now use the space as you like. You can even use it as an office if you like!


What is a kitchen without its cabinets? Invisible kitchen cabinets are prevalent as it gives your kitchen a clean clutter-free look. The appliances can be hidden by matching them with the interior of the kitchen. The cabinets hide the wall fittings as well as the appliances. These cabinets easily camouflage themselves in the kitchen and give a seamless beautiful look. The small electrical appliances can also be concealed with the help of cabinets that can be pulled out. Plus if you use invisible hinges for kitchen cabinets you will get a more finished look making your kitchen more modern and minimalistic.


With the growing modernization, people are adapting to the new lifestyles of living. If you and your family love hanging around the kitchen and doing activities such as reading a newspaper or book, parties, a place for relaxation, dining area then an invisible kitchen is the best suited for you. You will have more room to occupy and do other things apart from cooking. The invisible kitchen not only saves space but looks very beautiful and complements your house.