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10 Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

10 Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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The galley-style kitchen is a narrow, long shape that does not have enough space for a large island. This layout of the kitchen typically includes a wall-mounted oven and cooktop with an eating bar on one side of it while there is a sink along another side. The galley kitchen has four major components; cabinets, countertops, appliances such as stove and refrigerator, and fittings such as faucets. There are many different ways to remodel this type of kitchen since the number of modifications that can be done with this setup are limitless. Following are 10 Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

1.Work Space

A galley kitchen can be made to work well as long as it is organized and efficient. A dead zone, where there is no workspace, will just make the room feel smaller than it really is. The room can be configured in many ways, but one thing that shouldn’t change is an island for food preparation and storage. By placing this in the center of the space, you avoid any wasted areas – think L-shape or U-shape configurations – which are common with kitchens of this type. Using a large island also gives you plenty of storage space for pots and pans to not clutter countertops.


The clever use of bar stools at breakfast bar height means that the space can be multi-functional. With a counter around three sides of the island, it is handy for food preparation and storage and makes an excellent place to sit and eat. At the end of this eating counter, a table for two serves as a breakfast nook while still leaving plenty of room for activities such as chopped vegetable prep or grating cheese.


The large window on either side of the galley kitchen has been extended up to form a wide storage area that reaches right up to the ceiling height – pendant lighting adds functionality to this well thought out space, with lots of shelves and cupboard doors displaying glassware, jars, or dishes. The rest of the wall space along one side is used to display a range of bakeware, and again the cupboards have been fitted with glass doors to show off the contents.

4.A Galaxy of Color

The color scheme in this kitchen is quite bold, although there are traces of softer colors, notably cream-colored cabinetry – white or ivory would be less assertive but may not stand out quite as much in such a small space. The pendant lighting throws down dramatic shadows, which help to break up what might otherwise look like an uninterrupted flow of wall from floor to ceiling – adding visual interest and more angles for the eye to explore.

5.Surfaces & Storage

Completely reorganizing the layout and placing benchtops along both walls doubles the amount of working area in this narrow space. This is an excellent way of maximizing the use of limited floor space as although the benchtops and sink take up the valuable room; their surfaces are utilized to maximum effect – for example, chopping boards can be stored under each end of the island bench; drawers underneath offer ample storage for utensils and cookware. The wood paneling that lines the wall creates a striking feature while also serving as another method of concealing extra storage.

6.Classic Design

The pale wooden kitchen cabinets in this kitchen give a classic look but with a modern sensibility; using light-colored cabinetry instead of dark makes a big difference to how much light there is in an otherwise small space. They also provide plenty of built-in storage space and display space, with a range of cupboards and open shelves. The sink has been positioned to allow for extra storage underneath, and if you look carefully, you’ll also see that the brilliantly designed work surface at the end of the island does too.

7.Functionality Wins

A galley kitchen is never long enough, so adding extra space doesn’t sound like a great idea, but in this case, it works really well. The bench on one side of the central island could be extended all along its length to include more storage – perhaps even with under-bench lighting so as to gain an extra workspace without sacrificing floor space for another chair or two. A partial wall at each end helps break up the continuity of such a large expanse of wall, but even so, the kitchen is still an open space with plenty of room for two people to work in – it’s just that one person might be doing art while another is reading.

8.High Tech Look

The high-tech look of this kitchen gives it a sense of exclusivity, with its use of stainless steel and black cabinetry – the latter also helps give extra depth to this slim galley kitchen. Addition details such as under-cabinet lighting or feature pendant lights at either end help to keep things interesting too – if you’re going for an industrial look, however you would probably also want to avoid anything on walls like bamboo baskets or wicker storage boxes which would add more interest than what the functionality demands.

9.The Best of Both Worlds

The island bench and large window give this kitchen a great deal of natural light, and the combination with exposed wooden beams is nothing less than spectacular – it’s efficient too as the same wall-to-ceiling cupboards house the sink which can be accessed from either side. The marble worktop gives a glamorous designer look while also serving practical reasons, such as its use for chopping or preparing meals. This is a higher cost option, but similar results could be reached by using laminate or solid wood over plywood to create your own custom countertop in any color you choose, then cutting back into that to make room for your plumbing.

10.Eclectic Mix

A mixture of finishes, textures, and styles are used here, with dark cabinets in one section alongside grey or white units in another. The marble worktop creates the classic look, while under-cabinet lighting helps to brighten up what’s otherwise fairly dark space. One simple essential rule to designing an efficient galley kitchen is to keep all your clutter out of sight. If you do this, then you’ll never need another storage solution again, no matter how many times you move home.