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6 Steps to Install Your Custom Cabinet

Although the cabinet cannot be moved at will like other furniture, once the cabinet is installed and fixed in the kitchen, it is a very troublesome project to adjust it. So before choosing custom cabinets, what issues should we pay attention to in order to make our custom cabinets satisfactory? The following left and right-hand editors comprehensively organize the top ten problems that must be paid attention to when custom cabinet and the 6 steps to install the whole cabinet. If you need custom cabinets, you must take a closer look!

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Ten issues that must be paid attention to when customizing cabinets

  1. Pay attention to the thickness of the cabinet board when custom the cabinet

The cost of cabinet board thickness varies greatly, and the cost of an 18 mm thick board is 7% higher than that of a 16 mm thick board. The service life of cabinets made of 18 mm thick plates can be more than doubled, ensuring that the door panels are not deformed and protecting the countertop from cracking.

  1. Pay attention to whether it is an independent cabinet when custom the cabinet

The whole set of connected cabinets will affect the fastness, so consumers should ask clearly when purchasing the whole cabinet, the difference in service life and stability between the two is 2-3 times, and the difference in cost is 5%. First of all, we have to choose the right time to buy cabinets. Nowadays, both offline and online home improvement markets often engage in activities. Consumers can identify them by packaging and installed cabinets. If independent cabinets are assembled in a single cabinet, each cabinet should have independent packaging.

Cabinet hardware accessories are divided into functional hardware and basic hardware. Basic hardware: a collective term for hinges, damping, and slide rails. Functional hardware: namely drawers, baskets, handles, small hanging objects, etc. The cabinet is composed of materials such as plates and hardware, so how to choose custom cabinet materials and hardware accessories? Now custom cabinet panels are mostly particle boards, commonly known as popped boards and multi-layer solid wood panels, which are also composite panels. The cabinet materials are roughly divided into popped panels and multi-layer composite panels. A good quality popping board is 40% higher than the same bulk density of a poor quality. And the waterproof performance is also different!

  1. Pay attention to the composition of the artificial stone when customizing cabinet

Suitable materials for kitchen countertops include fireproof board, artificial stone, natural marble, granite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, artificial stone countertops have the best price-performance ratio. Single-sided sealing or double-sided sealing on the back panel. In order to save costs, some manufacturers cut corners and seal the back panel only on one side, and the invisible side is exposed. Now we have a lot of decoration options, and we spend a lot of thoughts when we are decorating.

Common cabinet countertops on the market include natural marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, fireproof board, etc. The cabinet countertop determines the overall cleanliness of the cabinet, and natural marble is more suitable for people who pursue high-end. The cheap countertop calcium carbonate has a high composition and is easy to crack. At present, composite acrylic and pure acrylic are more commonly used in the market. The best ratio of the acrylic components in composite acrylic is generally about 20%.

  1. When customizing cabinets, pay attention to asking whether the artificial stone is dust-free (less dust) installation

In the past, many manufacturers would polish the artificial stone at the installation site, causing environmental pollution in the room, which consumers did not expect. Now some leading cabinet manufacturers have realized this. If the cabinet manufacturer you choose is dusty and polished, you must choose to install the countertops before the floor and paint enter the site, otherwise, you will have to spend money to do a second cleaning.

  1. Pay attention to the assembly method of the cabinet when custom your cabinet

Small factories or hand-made on-site can only be connected with screws, rivets or glue. The formal method generally requires the use of the latest third-generation box bar and tenon structure plus fasteners and quick-fitting methods, which can more effectively ensure the firmness and endurance of the box, and use less glue and be more environmentally friendly.

  1. When custom kitchen cabinets, pay attention to whether the back panel is single-sided or double-sided

Some manufacturers cut corners and only do single-sided sealing on the back panel. The single-sided sealing back panel is prone to moisture and mold, and it is easy to release formaldehyde and cause pollution. Therefore, it must be sealed on both sides. The second is to understand the ways of the business. In fact, as long as it is a regular brand, the derailed raw materials and styles are similar.

  1. When custom kitchen cabinet, pay attention to whether the cabinet is anti-cockroach-proof and silent

The use of anti-cockroach-proof, silent-edge-sealed cabinets can relieve the impact when the cabinet door is closed, eliminate noise, and prevent the entry of cockroaches and other insects. The cost of whether there is anti-cockroach edge sealing is 3%.

  1. Pay attention to the installation method of the aluminum foil of the clean sink cabinet when custom your cabinet

Was it pressed once or glued during installation. The sealing performance of one-time pressing is better, moisture is not easy to penetrate, and the cabinet body is protected more effectively and the service life of the cabinet is prolonged.

  1. When customizing a cabinet, pay attention to whether the cabinet can provide a test report

Cabinets are also furniture products. The country has expressly stipulated that a finished product inspection report should be issued and the formaldehyde content should be clearly stated. Some manufacturers can only provide raw material inspection reports, but the environmental protection of raw materials does not mean that the finished products are environmentally friendly. Only when the finished products are qualified can their products be certified. Before installing, remember to ask for a credit card from the merchant and try it out first. There is also to ask if there is any irregular after-sales service, such as polishing and other issues. In this case, it is also a more secure guarantee.

  1. Pay attention to the warranty period of the cabinet when custom cabinet

Manufacturers who dare to guarantee for five years will have higher requirements in terms of materials, manufacturing and other links, and they are the most affordable for consumers. Many small factories are very cheap, but the warranty is short or there is no warranty. Once a problem occurs, it is difficult to get a reasonable solution. Therefore, consumers must ask questions such as product warranty when ordering cabinets.

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Install the cabinet in six steps – how to install cabinet

  1. Installation sequence

Proper arrangement of the cabinet installation sequence can ensure a smoother installation process and may also shorten the installation time. Generally speaking, the order of cabinet installation is base cabinet-wall cabinet-countertop-faucet, basin-stove and electrical appliances.

  1. Measure the wall cabinet

The wall cabinet is the cabinet close to the wall. It can be regarded as a part of the wall or as a mezzanine between the cabinet and the wall. When installing the wall cabinet, it is necessary to measure whether the horizontal planes at the bottom and the top are balanced and whether the two sides are vertical. If it is not checked in place, it will not only affect the overall appearance but also affect the need for use.

  1. Design the cabinet door

If the cabinet uses a hinged door, it should be noted that the opening direction of the cabinet door should be on the same left side or the same right side. If there are two adjacent cabinet doors, one is installed on the left side of the cabinet and the other is installed on the right side, it will be inconvenient to open the cabinet doors.

  1. Install the cabinet

Before installing the floor cabinets and wall cabinets, you should first measure whether their horizontal planes are consistent, and check whether the corners of the cabinet have any quality problems. During the installation process, install along the measured horizontal line while ensuring the stability of the cabinet. After installation, shake it vigorously to see if there is any looseness, and make sure that the cabinet is completely fixed on the ground or wall.

  1. Check the countertop

Before installation, check whether the material and color of the countertop are different from the selected ones; then check the thickness of the countertop interface. The thinner the interface line is more beautiful and firmer.

  1. Observe the seams

Check whether the cabinets are installed properly in the later stage. Pay attention to all kinds of seams and edges. This is a good test standard. Observe the edges of cabinets, countertops, and door panels, and observe the joints between cabinets, countertops and walls, stoves, sinks, and so on. If there is a large gap, its stability will be weaker. At this time, the construction workers should be asked to make improvements in time.