how to organize your kitchen cabinets

How To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets?

Keeping your house organized is essential because it not only makes things look nicer, but also helps you find whatever you need faster. With that being said, it is great to keep common housing storage organized like kitchen cabinets. How do you keep your kitchen cabinets organized? Don’t fret, we will answer this question right here!

In this article, we will be going over five ways you can keep your kitchen cabinets organized plus the right tools that you will need. We will also include the necessary links for both of these sections if you want to know more.

how to organize your kitchen cabinets

4 Steps To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized:

Want to know how to organize your kitchen cabinets? There are simple ways to organize your cabinets and how to keep them looking that way. Here we have five ways that you can follow to keep the cabinets in your kitchen clean and organized according to Spruce and Clean And Scentsible.

Step #1: Go Through Your Items And Categorize Them

The first essential way to organize your kitchen cabinets is to go through the items kept in the cabinets. Before you go out shopping for items that keeps your items organized, it is best to go through each can or box that you have. After you declutter your cabinet, you would now have to categorize them. As an example, let us say you have multiple cans of corn in your cabinet.

Since you have multiple cans of this item, they should be grouped. If you have items in your cabinet that you don’t want, why don’t you donate them to a charity? That way, the food that you don’t want won’t be a waste.

Step #2: Figure Out A Structure To Store Your Things

Another important thing to do when organizing your cabinets is to figure out a good structure for your items. To understand what we are getting at, here is an example of what you could do. Let us say for the upper cabinets that they will store things that are larger or something that is fragile. The upper cabinets can store things like:

  • Food: This is for food that you going to use quickly. Keep this food near your workstation as this makes it easy to find when preparing meals.
  • Glasses and Dishes: Storing glasses or dishes on upper counters that are near the dishwasher is perfect because once your dishwasher is finished cleaning, you can easily put the glasses or dishes back since the cabinet is in front of you
  • Cookbooks: If you want to keep your cookbooks in the kitchen, then you should keep them in the upper cabinets! They will be out of the way until you need to use them.
  • Storage Containers For Food: The last thing you should store in upper cabinets is storage containers. Put them in cabinets right above the counter space.

As for the lower counter space, here are some things you can put in the lower cabinets:

  • Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen appliances like mixers, blenders, food processors, etc. should go to the lower cabinets.
  • Mixing Bowls and Cutting Boards: Same as kitchen appliances
  • Pots, Pans, and Baking Sheets
  • Supplies For Cleaning

This is an example of a structure you can follow, but you could always come up with your own.

how to organize your kitchen cabinets

Step #3: Clean Out The Cabinets Before Storing

Once you empty your kitchen cabinets, categorize them, and figured out a structure that suits you, you should clean out the cabinets before you put everything back. Make sure that every crumb, particles, stain, etc. are gone from your cabinets. You can do this by using a hand-held vacuum. If you are dealing with food stains, use disinfecting spray.

If there are stains on your cutting boards, pots, or pans, use multi-purpose spray and cloth made of micro-fiber to get stains out of cutting boards and make a paste using baking soda and water for cleaning stains from pots and pans.

Step #4: Maintain Your Cabinets:

   The last essential step you need to do is to maintain your kitchen cabinets organization. To do this, make sure that everyone living in your household knows where every item goes. The best thing you can also do is to label everything in case you or your family members forgot where the thing goes. When putting things away, make sure it is correct like dishes are in the right size.

The last thing you should do at the end of every year is to declutter the cabinet again and follow the steps again. There you have it! These are the necessary steps to take when organizing your kitchen cabinets.

how to organize kitchen cabinets

Tools To Buy For Organizing Kitchen Cabinets:

Now that you know the steps to take when organizing your cabinet, what about the necessary tools that will keep your cabinets organized? The tools you will need can be found right here at Venace! At Venace, we have the best organizational tools for your kitchen. Here is a list of the three best tools we offer:

Dish Rack: Since our dish rack is made of stainless steel, it has high performance for both hardness and abrasion. The rack can hold about 36 plates and about 80 bowls on the lower tier. It is also easy to install and access.

dish drain rack

180 Rotating Basket: Need a basket for your corner cabinet? This basket (also called lazy susan corner organizer) can rotate 180 degrees and is best used for corner cabinets. The edges of this rotating basket are greatly polished so it will prevent scratching in your cabinet. You can also adjust the height of this basket as well.


Pull Out Basket With Knife Holder: The last recommended organization tool that we suggest is the pull-out basket with a knife holder. This basket is easy to install and are pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about building it.

Drawing Basket With Wooden Knife Holder Scene 1

These are three kitchen organization tools we recommend that we also sell. We have other tools as well, so make sure to check them out on our website!


How to organize your kitchen cabinets is simple when you understand what you need to do. The most important things to do are to go through each of your cabinets, plan out where everything is going, and clean them out. From there, you should maintain your cabinets to make sure it is clean and organized.

If you follow these steps, then your kitchen cabinets would look nice and organized!