5 Tips To Improve Your Kitchen’s Functionality

How can you make your kitchen more functional?

Whether you live in a big suburb apartment or a simple Cape Cod, a good functional kitchen is always an important thing to consider. On average, people can spend about a third of their daytime in the kitchen performing different tasks ranging from cooking to cleaning preparation. Therefore, it is worth considering the functionality of your kitchen because it not only enhances the effectiveness of doing your tasks but also makes your kitchen experience fun.

kitchenA good kitchen layout can be the genesis of a fun and functional kitchen. However, if you are not able to change it, then, well, it does not matter. All you need to do is get creative and figure out how to enhance your kitchen’s functionality.

Here are tips to improve your kitchen’s functionality.

Be creative with your storage.

It is upsetting to operate within tight spaces in your kitchen. You do not want to constantly knock down your kettle while opening a full extension drawer slide or bang onto the fridge every time you move around. Good spacing is key in a functional kitchen, so try getting smart with it.

To create enough space to move around freely and improve your tasks’ effectiveness, you may have to make enough storage for your utensils first. So, try using the following ideas.

  • Install a kitchen cabinet. Partition it into bottom storage units for larger items and a full extension drawer slides for small utensils.
  • Use your walls to create storage spaces. You can add a pegboard wall and screw in enough angled, curved, or straight hooks on it to hang mugs, spoons, measuring cups, and other light utensils.
  • Use sliding doors on shelves to minimize space used when opening them.
  • Try hanging on a towel bar over the sink. Nail it against the walls and hang utensils on it, including graters, soup spoons, and others.
  • Store pans sideways inside shelves to maximize space.
  • You can also fill the narrow spaces between the fridge and the wall with narrow sliding shelves fitted with tiny wheels. This can be used to store canned foods that do not necessarily require refrigeration.
  • Fill up the sides. Screw-in hooks at the sides of the cabinets to hold heavy items such as chopping boards and colanders.
  • Make use of the inside of your cabinet doors. Screw-in tiny hooks to hang on utensils that are mostly used, such as spoons, whiskers, and measuring cups.
  • Fill up your canisters. Transfer dry raw food into clear canisters, including portions of pasta, cereals, and nuts, and make sure you label them before storing them in your pantry. Besides, they can offer an aesthetic appeal when done right.
  • Arrange to pull out baskets, high and low. The lower baskets stock edibles such as fruits, chocolate, or magazine and the top ones with linen and gadgets before putting them on the shelves.
  • Make a double-duty shelf. Nail a shelf against a wall and screw in hooks at its lower side. On its top, place utensils such as mugs, cups, and plates while on its lower side, hang on chopping boards, serving spoons, and forks. This will also create a visual appeal and bring out a sense of organization in your kitchen.
  • Add a built-in knife storage block. Knives can be risky when handled clumsily, so built-in storage inside a drawer will store them safely and also keep them sharp for long.

 advanced cooking utensil

Never underestimate the power of good lighting.

It is a very annoying experience if you constantly stumble onto items because of your kitchen’s poor lighting. Kitchens with their lights positioned higher do not illuminate properly. Try moving them to the lower side enough to solve this, just above the head’s height, by suspending them with wire threads. Alternatively, use ornate chandlers to make them more stylish. This will definitely improve your kitchen’s illumination. You can also change dim lights by replacing them with brighter ones. However, this is likely to increase your electricity bills.

Another way to improve your kitchen’s lighting is to implement task lighting. Install table lamps and wall lamps to help you further illuminate areas that are not adequately reached by the main kitchen’s light. You can install them under the wall cabinets to illuminate spaces reserved for chopping boards and placing kettles. You will be amazed by how improving the lighting elevates both your kitchen’s look and functionality.

Update your kitchen appliances

Old is boring. Keep up with the new trend by using advanced cooking utensils. Try updating your kitchen’s appliances and items by replacing them with new ones. This is important if you want to improve your kitchen functionality. You do not want to have a modern kitchen full of old and non-functional appliances. After all, new modern devices perform optimally, so it is worth considering that.

Give your kitchen a deservedly facelift. Kick out the boredom. Hit the stores and purchase functional appliances that will make your kitchen experience fun.


Install enough power sources.

Install enough power sockets to suit the different tasks in your kitchen. This will minimize the toil of constantly having to unplug appliances to perform various functions on a single one. Position them so that each one of them suits different specific tasks.

You can do this by installing under-unit sockets to be used by your fixed heavy appliances, including washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges and freezers and top unit sockets for smaller appliances.

Ventilate your kitchen adequately.

You cannot be comfortable working in a poorly ventilated kitchen. It will be quite difficult for you to perform kitchen tasks when too much smoke is wallowing around you or fumes scorching you.

If possible, install enough ventilation vents to allow smoke and fumes to move out and a fresher grasp of air to move in and cool it down.

Ensure that your kitchen walls are not installed too high or made too small such that they do not allow good ventilation. If possible, get your kitchen fitted with a chimney that will blow out smoke and unwanted fumes. This way, you will feel comfortable and enjoy your kitchen experience.