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How to Install Self Closing Cabinet Hinges?

How to Install Self Closing Cabinet Hinges?

how to install self closing cabinet hinges

You don’t have to change all of your hinges to acquire a soft-close system for the cabinets. You must take the suitable measurements and the type of style you need. That’s where the soft-close mechanism enters if you have a cupboard where you don’t want to witness the drawers slamming or creaking when they’re opened.

Is it Possible to Change a Cupboard to Soft Close?

You can install a soft-close cupboard to eliminate the loud sounds connected with moving and closing the cupboards. To fix things, you can buy a little converter and put it in seconds, but you should learn which type to buy and how to attach it. The soft close hinges let you shut the cabinet doors with less force. It slows down the closing of the doors so that it does not slam shut.

You may do the soft-close using a converter kit. A stopper, bolts, and spacer are usually included with such kits. You’ll have to figure out what kind of cupboard doors you got and if they’re inset. You won’t require the spacers with the upgrade box if you own an inset cupboard door. To switch the cabinets to soft close, you’ll need a drill or a screwdriver.

How to Install Self Closing Cabinet Hinges?

Soft close hinges are a simple DIY that can be completed in a few weeks. Some jobs are better done by professionals, but anyone with hand equipment and a screwdriver can make this kitchen makeover.

  • Close the Cabinet Door

Disconnect the cupboard door from the cupboard front using the electric drill. Disassemble the hinge position on the cupboard face to release the door. After you’ve detached the door, you may pull the hinges.

  • Clean the Door

It’s a good idea to wash the cupboard door itself while you’re replacing the hinges. Put some cleaning on the doorknob with a spray bottle. To eliminate all the filth, oil, and other debris that accumulates in the kitchen, clean it with a cloth. Put all of the cupboard doors on the level surface once they’ve been removed. After that, take out the previous hinges from the door.

After you’ve removed all the nuts, lightly slide the cupboard door backward, and the hidden hinges will pop right out from the cup opening.

  • Place New Hinges

Put a 2 inch broad bit of plywood over the cupboard door. Make an outline where the wooden block rests on the door. Replace the base of the door and repeat the operation. This will ensure that the hinges are perfectly aligned. Align the lines across the wood with the wooden block at the top where the soft closing hinges will be installed.

  • Place Door Hinges

Grab the screws and place them on the cupboard door’s top markings. Ensure that it is level with the door’s border and aligned with the markings.

  • Hole-Drilling

Make the holes for the bolts with the cordless drill held upright. Make sure you don’t go through the cabinet door when drilling.

  • Install the Door Hinges

With the cordless drill, connect the hinges to the cupboard door. The technique of mounting the cupboard door on the cupboard face is quick after the cabinetry hinges are fastened to the cabinet door. Place a level on the door and push it into the opening. Place a nail in the upper hinge hole after moving the door till it is straight. Secure the hinges with the help of screws. After that, secure the door by screwing one into the lower hinge.

how to install self closing cabinet hinges

When it Comes to Putting Soft Close Hinges, there are a Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Make certain to select a hinge type that is suitable with the particular cabinets.
  • Select high-quality hinges that will provide a satisfying experience. Inexpensive hinges aren’t always reliable.
  • When operating with tools, always wear the suitable PPE and follow security procedures.
  • Use the right equipment and take right measurements to ensure that the doors function correctly and perfectly align with the rest of the cabinets.


Changing cupboard hinges does not have to be a hard task. Instead of trying to repair the older hinges, you may replace soft closing hinges with proper planning and several materials you already own. If you can find the hinges that are the same size as the ones you’re changing, you’ll save your effort and energy.