How To Easily Store Ironing Board 1

How to Easily Store Ironing Board

How To Easily Store Ironing Board

Whether you’re in a suit or casual, whether you’re putting a heavy weight on your clothes to try to make them less creased. If you want to reduce wrinkles in a more relaxed way, you may have an ironing board. But most housewives have a problem: where is this essential but bulky item stored? So maybe you need to find ways to easily store mini ironing board. Please continue to read for our inspiration.

How do you store your ironing board?

I believe this topic is not new, but it can always exist. Let’s take a look at most people’s answers.
1. Lily
I store it in my bedroom and usually do the ironing when my kids are at school. I am fed up of it in there and want our bedroom to be clutter free instead if a dumping ground for stuff but can’t think where else they can go.
2. Isabella
I iron in the living room daily when my baby is at school and make sure I finish before he comes back. My Ironing board and baskets hang in utility room when I don’t use them. It that is not possible, I fold the remainder put them in the wardrobes and iron it the next day.
3. Emily
Caused my cats perpetually sleep within the util. I actually have a cabinet wherever the ironing pile sits as a result of they’d sleep thereon otherwise. The board lives behind the door within the util. the cabinet Pine Tree Staterely is simply large enough to require scoop a pair of countless laundry thus it makes me carry on with it. So this is my way to store ironing board.
4. Ashley
I notice it handiest to stay the board upstairs thus I will place things away simply. I prop it within the cupboard. do not have Associate in Nursing ironing basket – simply sling it everywhere the landing balustrade or shove it on cupboard shelf. maybe I ought to get one.
my Ironing board is within the room, between the refrigerator and Deepfreeze (just enough area there), iron on the facet, wherever it are often obstructed into the UK splitter board whenever my husband desires it for his shirts.
6. Ava
I store my ironing board in my utility area, persevered wall behind door. Sometimes I lug it up a pair of flights of stairs to look at iplayer on my laptop whereas I iron.
7. Chloe
My Ironing board in cupbaord beneath the steps – terribly annoying as need to move it to induce anything out, however don’t wish to possess it on read. I don’t skills anyone will bear to stay their ironing fully read of everybody within the front room – it might drive Pine Tree State bananas to seem at it.
8. Kylie
My ironing board hanging on 2 over-the-door-hooks on the rear of the eating area door, basket within the eating area within the house between the sideboard and therefore the wall. Well – typically the board is up within the breakfast area and that i iron one thing to wear whereas the children square measure ingestion their breakfast.

We interviewed many housewives, and their answers were basically similar. The location of the ironing board could be: in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator, in the attic, behind the door, in the laundry room, in the toilet, or in the utility room, etc. All of these seem to take up a lot of space, especially when your house is very small, you will find it inconvenient and not easy to store mini ironing boards, so you may want to collapse your ironing board. But you may think, how is it possible?

how to collapse an ironing board? Don’t worry, read the following and get the way.

Several creative and smart ways to store ironing boards easily

1.Hanging on the wall

Hanging On The Wall

This is the most common way, but remember that it requires an extra tool – an ironing board hook. Yes, the ironing board hook needs to be fixed on the wall, and it needs to be strong enough to bear the heavy ironing board. This storage method can prevent you from tripping over the ironing board.

2.Abandon the hook of the ironing board and install the ironing board on the wall directly
foldable ironing board
Ironing board

You are right. This is a progressive new design ironing board. It is installed on the wall and can be folded down when it is not in use. Its installation is combined with the wall by screws, which is very simple. For more information, you can refer to XXX. Another wall mounted ironing board, with a more advanced design, can rotate 180 ° and fold up into smaller pieces, occupying less space. This approach has become more and more popular.

3.Slide into the wardrobe


Very smart design, very convenient. When you take out your shirt from the wardrobe, you find that it is wrinkled. If you want to straighten it, you just need to pull it out of the wardrobe for ironing, instead of taking the clothes to the laundry or other places to put the ironing board for ironing. It saves space and time.

4.Fold into a drawer in the kitchen or laundry
pull out ironing board

This kind of practical space setting is very smart because when not in use, it can reduce the potential safety hazard of tripping when walking. This saves you most of the storage space, because the board can also be folded in half and stuffed into the kitchen drawer or “drawer” under the workbench, and also eliminates the troublesome folding metal legs of the ordinary ironing board.

5. Purchase customized cabinets
How To Easily Store Ironing Board 1

I believe you’ve heard of the ironing board cabinet. This kind of cabinet can open the door and put down an ironing board for ironing. When not in use, turn it up and close the cabinet door. The only bad thing is that the installation is not easy, and the price is much higher than the ordinary ironing board.

The above are more creative ways to teach you how to easily store ironing board. I believe you will be interested and inspired. How do you store your ironing board? You may go crazy with it sometimes, You can leave us a message, we can communicate and discuss it together.