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How to Build Your Drawer with Slides

How to Build a Drawer with Slides

how to build a drawer with slides

Due to the fact that there are just too many drawers to choose from, you can safely assume that you would take lots of your time to do these things. Knowing how to build a drawer with slides would be a different story as the moment you perfect how to do it would be the time you’d think of yourself as a highly-skilled DIY person. Here are the steps that you would need to remember for building a drawer with slides as it goes down right before your very eyes:

Decide on the Dimensions

A lot of factors would come into play when you c0me to think about it. In fact, it would be alright to get the opinion of other people living in the house as they may know a thing or two about the dimensions that you would need. This is not really the time when you can be in a hurry as you would be better off doing things that you would have not done in the past.

Cut Opposite Sides Using Exact Lengths

It would be alright to measure the sides not once not twice not even thrice but four times because it is really important to make sure that they are all equal in length. One small mistake and the drawer would suffer in the long run. It would not look good even though you could probably still use it and you would have nobody to blame but yourself in the process.

Build A Drawer Box

For the drawer box to live a long life, you must realize you should use wood glue. After all, you would just need to use an assembly square and you will be surprised at how easy it is going to be. You’re going to be more focused on cutting the right inches so that the drawer with slides would come out perfectly. After all, learning how to build a drawer with slides sounds great since you would end up getting a new skill.

Nail a Plywood Base

This will be the bottom of the drawer so you will most likely assume it is an area that will get ignored most of the time. The truth is you would want it to be well enough to get a lot of attention. After all, you would want it to be right down the middle when it comes to making it. In fact, attempting to do it well would be our style.

Attach the Drawer Slides and Face

Better clamp the drawer face well so that it would look pretty good. Besides, the better this looks, the more you will be motivated about what would happen regarding the future of the industry. When it comes to attaching the drawer slides, it would take a little drilling and measuring. Add that to the fact that the corner clamping jig would shorter the amount of time it would take to finish this task overall. As you can see, you would think at first that exerting a lot of time on this task would be normal. Come to think of it, you can just make it great for everyone involved now that you are already in the finishing touches of this drawer with slides. When it comes to attaching the slides, use a drawer slide jig and watch it all play out right in front of you. Of course, use goggles so that the dust particles won’t get right into your eye.

For some tips and suggestions regarding the look of your drawer with slides, you can call us and we would want nothing more than to help you. Venace is all about prioritizing customer service over anything else. When it comes to building stuff inside the house, we are the experts. There won’t be any use to come near other people because we are right there at the top of the mountain. We would not have it any other way because we’ve trained for a while and we know what we are doing each and every time we go out to the field. There is a reason why we give a long warranty. We would always see to it that you would get fully satisfied whenever we serve you.