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How to Build A Drawer with Slides

How to Build A Drawer with Slides

It is possible to build a cabinet drawer with slides at home. It involves a simple process that can be followed. First, ensure there are enough materials. To achieve the best results, the materials should be of the highest quality. The drawer cabinets come in different sizes; focus on the space available to install the drawer cabinets to get the job perfectly done. Here are some simple steps to follow on how to build a drawer with slides:

how to build a drawer with slides

Get the Right Drawer Materials

Drawer slides can be made out of cabinet-grade plywood. There are several sellers of drawer materials. Compare them out to locate the best. They should be in a position to deliver fast so that the process can start. The materials should be enough to build even the bottom of the drawers. When choosing materials, they come in a different finish. Some reflect certain wood shades, and others will have white surfaces. Ensure the finish can correspond with ten cabinets to avoid incidences where the job will appear low quality.

Select Drawer Slides

It is essential to buy slides before building the drawers. When the slides are available, it becomes easy to measure and get a perfect size. Stick to the right measurements to eliminate cases where the slides may not fit in place well. When the slides are made to fit the space perfectly, they will lead to the perfect finish.

Drawer Fronts

When installing inset drawers, they require more details because they are difficult to install. A high level of precision is required to achieve the perfect fit.

Sizing your Drawer

The drawers should be sized well. To get the process right, subtract one inch from the width and height of the cabinet. The clearance is required to allow the drawers to open easily. When working on the drawer slides installation, remember they need some clearance for easy opening. A tape measure is necessary to get the slides perfectly fitting in the location.

Cut Drawer Parts

The next step involves cutting the drawer parts. Measure the drawer sides and the front pieces, then cut them into shapes. The drawer bottom should be cut to fit the space and leave a clearance all along the sides. It is essential to use the right tools when cutting the plywood so that it can fit well. Failure to stick to the right dimensions can lead to wastage of materials.

Building Drawers

Start by securing all parts of the drawer box. Wood glue can be applied to secure the box. Apart from glue, one and half-inch wood screws can be applied. They need to make the box stay in shape before the final installation. An assembly squire is required to secure the box. Get an assembly square and a corner clamp to get the fixtures into location.

Securing the Drawer Bottom

Start by applying glue to the drawer bottom. The glue can be applied to secure all the edges. Slide the bottom into the drawer to achieve the perfect finish. Secure wood with the screws to form the perfect drawer box. It is essential to ensure all the sides have been secured to avoid parts falling apart later.

Fill Screw Holes

To achieve some level of aesthetic appeal in the home, the screw holes should be field to make it appear great. Apply wood filling to fill the screw holes, and then apply paint to make the surfaces look even.

Some drawers may not require filling, but it is essential to achieve the perfect finish. It is essential to do the perfect job when working on the assembly. The simple process of filling the screw holes ensures they achieve the perfect look.

Following the above steps makes it easy to build a drawer with slides. Choose high-quality materials to achieve the best look. When installing the drawer slides, ensuring they are of the highest quality is essential. The drawer slides come in different sizes; always stick to the measurements of the drawers to get the job done. Test the drawer slides after installation to ensure they are the perfect fit. It is a process that can be easily accomplished.