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How to Install Soft Close Drawer Slides

How to Install Soft Close Drawer Slides

One of those things that would improve the storage in the kitchen is soft close drawer slides. Thus, we would want to know how to install soft close drawer slides as it would be a great addition to any home. Don’t worry though as we’ve taken note of all the steps you need to do if you are such a good DIY person. Of course, you would need the right materials to do this job. Here are the steps that you would need to undertake:

drawer slideRemove and Clear

The first thing to do would be to remove all the things that are inside the drawer and store them somewhere where you will remember. After all, you will put all those things back to where they were anyway. Also, you would need to remove the drawer as most of them would come off the moment you pull them off. If they don’t then you would need to remove a screw somewhere which would do justice to how these things are made. You’re actually going to need to know the length of the drawer so measure it using a tape measure and jot it down. It is evident you are going to use that a little bit later on but for now, take it down on your phone or on a notebook. The slides are going to have to go too so use a screwdriver to get those things out of there as soon as possible. If it does not get removed in a clockwise manner then do it the other way around.

Fit the Slides

This is the part where you must make really sure that the drawer slides would fit. Thus, better mark the spots where you’re going to put them with a pen. After that, drill some holes so that you would know where you are going to screw the nails that would come into play a little bit later on. When these things come into play, you know you’re going to be a bit ecstatic about it. Yes, here comes the hard part of using the screwdriver and putting your new soft close drawer slides into the drawer.

Set Slide Tracks

Inserting those things into your drawers is a lot harder than you thought. You’re going to have to mark the spot with your pencil then watch what happens from there. Alignment is the secret here as the bottom ones should be aligned with the bottom cabinet. The frames can be straightened out once you use a level and make sure that it would be up to bar with what you were expecting. If you remember, you marked the spots where the frames were used to set. This is where you are going to predrill the holes and better be a bit careful and use some goggles or else some dust particles could fly off to your eye. This is when you can put the new frame pieces into place by screwing them in using a screwdriver. When you are confident enough regarding how that is going to hold out then you can already put the drawer back into place. Surely, that would make it real quick for you to put back all the stuff that you put in there.

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