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Best Tips for Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The proper kitchen hardware is key to the successful design of your kitchen. That’s why you have to be careful when you choose some aspects for your new room.

Every kitchen needs a certain amount of kitchen cabinet hardware such as hinges, handles and knobs. These items are essential to keep your room clean and functional because when you close the cabinet door, nothing should stick out.

Kitchen cabinet hardware is essential for a kitchen that functions appropriately. The point of your cabinets is not just to look good but also to contain and organize the items you use every day. Because of this, it’s essential to have knobs and pulls that are suited to your needs. Following are ten tips for choosing the proper hardware for your cabinets from cabinet hardware suppliers:

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1) Matching Hardware Styles.

While several different styles might be acceptable in other areas of the home, matching the hardware is very important when it comes to modernizing or updating the kitchen. It’s hard enough these days to find all-new cabinetry in one style, even more so when trying to coordinate with existing hardware throughout the rest of the house. No matter how aesthetically pleasing it may be, it’s best to avoid mismatched hardware.

2) Functionality Issues that Require Changing the Hardware.

If you’ve just moved into a new home or have recently renovated your kitchen, there are several reasons why you might not be able to change the cabinet hardware right away. If your cabinets don’t open and close quickly with the existing hardware, for instance, they will need to be adjusted before any attempts at replacing the drawer pulls or knobs. It can even be necessary to remove some doors entirely to get inside of them, particularly if they haven’t been opened in years. If this is the case, it’s often best to leave everything as is until renovations are complete. Then you can determine whether or not the hardware matches.

3) Floor Cabinets with Sliding Doors.

In most cases, floor cabinets with sliding doors will need a “pull” at the bottom of the front edge rather than a handle. This is to ensure that it can be used as a practical drawer. If you’re interested in replacing existing hardware and your cabinet has fixed shelving on one side and fixed and sliding storage on the other, using both knobs and pulls may not be necessary for this type of cabinet. However, some homeowners prefer to use all-new hardware throughout their home, so having new ones installed on these types of shelves isn’t out of line.

kitchen cabinet4) Unexpected Issues with Price.

The price associated with kitchen cabinet hardware is not always indicative of the quality. There are many different price points for cabinet hardware, and if you go with a low-end one, there’s no guarantee it will be any cheaper in terms of replacement or repair down the line. It’s often necessary to buy multiple samples before finding drawer pulls and knobs that match your style at a price you’re comfortable with.

5) Existing Hardware that Needs Replacing.

If you’re about to embark on a complete renovation, choosing new cabinet hardware is part of the process. For floor cabinets with sliding doors, however, replacing existing hardware can also be necessary. If these cabinets don’t open entirely due to stress on the hinges, they will need all new hardware to ensure complete access.

6) Cabinet Doors Thickness.

Kitchen cabinet doors range from three-quarters of an inch thick to three inches. Your replacement hardware must have a similar thickness as the cabinets themselves. For instance, if you buy pull handles with a broader profile, they may not fit properly in the space intended for them on the cabinet face. This can lead to damage down the road and eventually require replacement all over again. While it’s best to match door thicknesses as closely as possible, a slight difference sometimes isn’t out of line. As long as you know what you’re buying and consider the quality associated with it, slight mismatches aren’t necessarily problematic.

cabinet hardware suppliers7) Existing Hardware Material.

The material that a cabinet pull or knob is made from should mesh well with the other hardware in your kitchen. If you have many metal appliances, for instance, going with an all-metal drawer pull may be the best solution. However, if you have primarily wooden cabinets and pulls, it’s often necessary to match this style. In some instances, such as when replacing knob hardware on doors, you can get away with choosing something different if desired. The functionality will determine whether or not this is appropriate.

8) Existing Hardware Style.

In order to choose new cabinet knobs and drawer pulls that match existing ones in the kitchen successfully, the style becomes an essential factor. The right kind of hardware can make a space look pulled together and so much more polished. The wrong type can have the opposite effect and create a room that feels thrown together instead. If you’re going for a particular style, it’s best to choose hardware that matches this, even if it means having many matching components in the kitchen.

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9) Pull or Knob Hardware

In general, pull hardware is used when there are no handles on the cabinets themselves. Knobs can be used in conjunction with cabinet pulls when handle hardware is already built into the cupboard face. In many cases, these two designs will match each other well because they complement one another aesthetically. However, knobs tend to showcase a sense of elegance, whereas pull hardware tends to be casual. With this in mind, you will need to assess your existing cabinet hardware and see their style before going with a replacement option.

10) Cabinet Hardware Geometry

The look of new kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls is not the only thing that matters. For them to work well on cabinets, it’s necessary to consider geometry as well. If the screw holes don’t match up from one piece of hardware to the next, then a problem may occur down the line that requires a complete replacement of these components all over again. This usually manifests as a hard time closing or opening doors on these pieces of cabinetry. As long as you consider all of these factors, choosing great-looking new drawer handles and knobs for your kitchen will be a cinch.