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How to Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

7 Must-Know Tips for Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Hiring the right kitchen remodeling contractor is not as easy as it seems. The same is that when you start looking for kitchen remodeling contractors, you will come across hundreds of options. No matter in which city or state you live, there are numerous such contractors. The problem is that if you end up choosing the wrong one, it can be a horrendous experience for you. The question which then arises is, how to hire a kitchen contractor?

We will share a few pointers which will help you compare the contractors and choose the right one.

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1. Know your requirements:

Many times, the mistake lies with the customer as well. If you do not know your requirements, you cannot choose the right contractor. Even if you choose a contractor, the contractor will not be able to satisfy your expectations because you do not know your requirements in the 1st place. To avoid such a basic mistake, it is a good idea to know about your requirements.

You have to ask yourself questions like: “What exactly you want to get done?” “Do you have a few examples of what you are trying to achieve?” “What is your budget like?” “What is the deadline you have?” You have to ask yourself these questions, and answers to these questions will help you determine your requirements. Only when you are aware of your requirements should you scout for a kitchen remodel.

2. Get references:

Now that you are aware of your requirements, you can start contacting kitchen contractors. However, the very first thing is to ask them for references. You have to ask them questions like:

  • How was your experience with that kitchen and bath contractor?
  • Would you recommend him or someone else?
  • Did the contractor meet the timelines?
  • And so on

When you ask them about the contractor’s work, you will get first-hand feedback on their experience. After that, shortlisting the right kitchen and bath contractors becomes easy for you.

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3. Check their reviews online:

Merely going through the references is not a good idea. The references might be old, or the requirements of the references might be different than your requirements. You can do a secondary check as well before you choose the kitchen and bath contractor.

To do the same, you have to check the review of the kitchen remodeling contractors on websites like Yelp, Google reviews, Home advisor, Houzz, and so on. Once you go through these reviews, you can know whether the kitchen remodeling contractor you’re trying to hire is up to the mark or not. Accordingly, you can shortlist the contractor you want to go with.

4. Do not ignore credentials:

In the remodeling industry, it is common that contractors are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured

Rather than assuming the same, it is a good idea to check the credentials of the kitchen contractor. If their website does not list the credentials, you have to inquire about the same from them. The same is that you need these three credentials in the kitchen contractor you are hiring. Only then will you have complete peace of mind and focus on the output rather than the nitty-gritty. You will be surprised to know that there are still a few kitchen contractors who do not have these credentials. You have to filter them out.

5. Ask the necessary questions:

Kitchen remodeling or bath remodeling is quite expensive. It is also not and a task which you can undertake every year. That is why, while comparing the kitchen contractors, you have to ask them the necessary questions. The answer to these necessary questions will tell you a lot of information about the kitchen contractors.

The questions which you can ask them can include: 

  • What is your experience when it comes to kitchen remodeling?
  • What is the timeline for such projects?
  • When can you start?
  • Will you be obtaining the permits?

How the contractor answers these questions will help you determine if they are interested in the job or not. Similarly, answers will also help you choose the best from the lot. Essentially, you are looking for kitchen and bath contractors having extensive experience and who can meet your deadlines as well.

Also, if they obtain all the permits, you will not have to struggle with the same. That is why asking these questions can certainly help you cherry-pick the right kitchen contractor.

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6. Get quotations:

After following all the steps, now is the time to take the quotation from the kitchen contractor. However, instead of getting the quotation from a single kitchen contractor, you have to get the quotations from multiple kitchen contractors.

Also, you have to get written quotations or confirmation over the email. That will help you compare the quotations easily. Additionally, you will have records as well.

While scanning the quotations, you have to take into account:

  • Liability coverage: The cost of insurance or any other liability coverage should be included in the quotation.
  • Material and labor expenses: You have to also look at the inclusion of the material as well as labor expenses.
  • Cost overruns:

Many times, the cost of the job can increase during its tenure as well. It is a common practice. However, the contractor should provide you with a figure as to how much it can increase. Nobody likes paying double after committing to a certain price. That is why; it should be mentioned as well.

  • Timeline: In the quotation, the timeline should be mentioned as well. When it is mentioned in black and white, you can be sure that the deadline will be met.
  • Final cost: Of course, one of the main reasons why you are taking a quotation is to get an idea regarding the final cost of the project. That is why; it should be mentioned as well.

When you have all these things in the quotation, comparing the quotation of different contractors becomes easy. You shouldn’t just focus on the final price but all these parameters while comparing the quotations.

7. Go through the contract:

Finally, when you have shortlisted a kitchen contractor before you hire them, it is a good idea to ask them to send a copy of the contract. You have to go through the contractor, and only if you’re okay with that should you choose that kitchen contractor.

As you can see, hiring a kitchen contractor is no an easy task. However, once you take into account the 7 parameters, it will become easier for you to choose one. It is now time to start your search for the right kitchen and bath contractor, keeping in mind the 7 points we have highlighted above.