Benefit Management

Establish a new concept of performance

Driven by the concept of “seeking profit maximization”, traditional performance management emphasizes organizational performance and profit realization. Nevertheless, the new context is demonstrating its impact on the view of performance management.  As management guru Peter Drucker has repeated put it, management should concern both externally the mission and organizational performance of the enterprise and internally the structures, values and interpersonal relationships conducive to individual achievement, thus promoting “ordinary people to be engaged in extraordinary things”. He suggests taking a dynamic rather than a static or even biased view of employees. Managers should acknowledge the potential for each employee’s development and improvement, and offer positive expectations in the employee’s zone of proximal development (ZPD), which shall promise frequent Pygmalion effect (the psychological effect of turning positive expectations into positive reality).

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Build a value-oriented corporate culture

On the one hand, a favorable corporate culture encourages employees to set goals in line with the organizations’ and to take them into account in their endeavors. On the other hand, it creates a positive working atmosphere, shared values and management mechanism for employees, thus creating a context that encourages positive creativity and promotes corporate performance. Therefore, a corporate culture consistent with corporate values is recommended to develop the potential of the enterprise and to adapt to the market in the midst of drastic changes.

Establish a scientific performance management system

(1) Establish the operation index system of digital marketing In view of the role of digital marketing, we will establish an operational indicator system of SEO, SEM, content marketing and customer behavior analysis to build our own ecosystem. This is expected to increase customer loyalty and normalize access to low-cost natural flow, thus reducing customer acquisition costs and sales expenses.

(2) Introduce targeted performance assessment indicators Venace designed its performance appraisal system on account of its philosophy that “a quality life is not necessarily expensive”, which focuses on cost and quality as well as customer satisfaction.Myriam Jessier VHXiGXxwOQ4 Unsplash 300x169

(3) Effective performance feedback system

Since performance management is a closed cycle management system, the establishment of feedback mechanism is the premise to achieve effective performance management.
Performance management aims at the continuous improvement of performance on the basis of improving employees’ ability, thereby promoting the improvement of enterprise performance. Performance management should involve more incentives than penalties.

As a crucial part of performance communication, performance feedback provides support for the final performance improvement, and its role shall manifest the dynamic and growth of performance management system. In addition to the communication and consensus of performance evaluation results, Venace expects supervisors and subordinates to analyze the reasons for failing to achieve performance goals in the feedback interview to identify the directions and measures for improvement.