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Why Is Furniture So Expensive?

What Makes Furniture So Expensive?

There seems to be something of great value within the modern-day civilized world that requires the continued dissection of this particular riddle. Perhaps it is a primitive proclivity for the discovery and possession of the most dependable tools. The drive to survive has led humankind time and time again to simplify how we live our lives, enabling us to conquer greater sights and set the standards no less than a notch above what previous generations have known.


Patience outweighs expedience by a ton. Oftentimes people will buy low-quality furniture made from cheap materials that come apart in little to no time. Furniture can be a lifetime investment if carefully researched and found to be made of high-quality materials that will last a household for years – if not generations.

Why Is Furniture So Expensive E1628838495946

Works of Art

Unique pieces of which there are few upon the Earth are different even from one another. No single wood grain or thread is made of the same matter, none can exist simultaneously in the place of another. These may be tried and simple facts, sure enough, but the gravity of such truth pulls the sensory and mental aspects of human beings deeper when an understanding of the echo is held in high esteem. Pieces such as these have a signifying echo; a voice or vibrance reminiscent of the hands that crafted them. These pieces hold the sought-after sort of beauty, the kind that is ever reverberating throughout time.

Customization Costs

Upholstery, upgrades and options chosen by furniture buyers heavily influence the final price of furniture; take a living room set for example. The average price is generally $799 to $4,000 for sofas, $1,999 to $6,999 for sectionals, and between $299 and $4,000 for recliners and chairs.

Proper Delivery Service

It can be speculated that some furniture pieces are so expensive due to the cost of delivery. Although the point can be made that free delivery is available and offered through various online vendors, the barebones service of that arrangement should not be ignored. The result of this is often delivery of the furniture to a client’s front porch – whether they are home or not. This can mean weather damage to expensive furniture before it can even serve its purpose and money that goes down the drain. It’s not hard to see that going the distance to opt for full delivery can make all of the difference.

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Pieces of Antiquity

There exist works of furniture so uniquely crafted that they are known primarily as “timeless works of art” the world over. This includes pieces such as the Badminton Chest (or Badminton Cabinet), which was commissioned in the early eighteenth century by Henry Somerset and delicately inlaid with various precious stones. After changing hands two times, the chest has come to rest at the Liechtenstien Museum. In the late twentieth century, Somerset’s descendants auctioned it off from the Badminton House to settle estate taxes. The Badminton Cabinet is reported to have sold for USD $15.2 million at auction in Christie’s; this was a world record in 1990. This is merely one example of how much people value the extensive patience, discipline, energy and visionary craftsmanship it takes to create functional pieces that enrich their lives and not least of all, quality of life.

Mind Over Matter

An appreciation for the functionality that carefully crafted furniture adds to our homes and lives can help us to shop smarter; it isn’t the price that makes the object, or even the color of its paint. The cost of making the wrong choice is far greater than the cost of investing in one’s living space and overall quality of life.

A Penchant For High-End Products

There exist people in this world that are humble admirers of the skilled work that carpenters, woodworkers and furniture makers do. But they can’t afford the creations that imbue them with awe and inspiration. Many of them shop for pieces strategically while honoring their bank account – and have great fun doing it. They can be found at estate auctions, antique malls and second hand stores. It takes a bit of study to discern the valuable pieces from the bad. Time and perseverance are needed as well in order to acquire good pieces.

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Capitalizing on Confusion

Just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it has great value, or even value sufficient enough to justify its cost. Shoddily strewn together appliances with “modern” aesthetic allure gets marketed – successfully – day in and day out. The naivete of young couples, new apartment renters and first time homeowners reflects the proclivity of western culture to gravitate towards instant gratification. This means buyers aren’t doing their due diligence when it comes to utilizing their buying power to the best of their ability. It should be understood that not only would it be in their own best interest, but to the benefit of their offspring as well, were they to take the moments required to inquire just a bit deeper. Questions might be asked such as, “What about the wood that this endtable is made of guarantees it as a choice investment as opposed to a similarly designed table crafted from that kind of wood?”

Controlled Costs

It may come as no surprise that furniture is so expensive when various details are taken into account. One being the fact that the vast majority of furniture retailers have hundreds of products, massive inventories and small orders due to exorbitant prices. It’s not uncommon to drive by any furniture store at anytime of year and see a holiday special going on. There’s a reason for this.

There are many reasons why furniture is so expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Everyday functionality and durability with attention to lifestyle details are features of fantastic pieces of furniture that will improve quality of life without breaking the bank. Quality household products and solutions for the kitchen and the laundry room can be obtained through Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. Selections can be made from a variety of accessories that exhibit unique style and character while delivering high quality for low prices. As Venace continues to provide and manufacture high value limited product categories, they perfect the art form and mission of “Better Life, Better Price.”