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The Popular Hotel Products Checklist

Most Popular Hotel Amenities

Guests are staying at hotels for so many reasons. Some people stay at hotels for their business purpose, and some stay there for travelling and leisure purposes. So, hotel authorities will need to maintain the hotel amenities and normal services. A hotel business will grow and reach more people if the authority maintains the basic needs of guests.

As you can see, due to the pandemic situation and expansion of Covid-19, the hotels have been closed for the guests. But now the situation is slightly better and the hotel business starts over again. So, the hotel authority needs to take some safety measures and ensure some protocols as well. The effective reopening solution will protect the guest and staff as well. In this tough situation, safety and protection should be our priority.

If you run a hotel business then, you know how it is necessary to attract guests to the hotels. In this critical situation, renovating your hotel should be a tricky job. But you can buy some hotel products for your guests and ensure their comfort.

So, in this article, we are going to elaborate on some essential hotel amenities and hotel products direct Australia that will freshen up the mind of the guests and you can win their hearts as well.

hotel products direct australia

1. Checklist for guest rooms:

At the end of the day, you need to maintain the hygiene of a guest room. You should not take this matter lightly. To enhance the guest’s experience, you need to maintain a clean, functional and aesthetically beautiful and comfortable room for your guests. You need to bring back the service of an out of order room. For that, you need to follow detailed documentation as well. Here are some checklists that you need to follow:

  • Taking a room that was out of order: This process is very much necessary if a room is out of order for a long period. In this situation, it is very much common. So, the hotel authority needs to check this after reopening hotels and welcoming guests all over again. You need to check the general room settings, shutting down the water supply and unplug the unused electrical instruments.
  • Returning to the room service: As the travelling is reopening once again, the hotel business brings back. So, you need to bring back an out of order room and you need to do that without missing any particular service. You need to check all services including changing batteries from the door lock and checking the availability of television content as well.

2. Checklist for hygiene and disinfection:

In today’s situation, disinfection is highly needed in hotels. There are so many hotel products Australiathat you can buy for your hotel business and ensure the safety of your guests. But you need to make sure that the disinfection service and products will not damage the property and items of your hotel.

  • For that, you should prepare your hotel rooms for disinfection service and keep your staff and guests safe and protected from disease transmission. Apart from this, you need to educate all hotel staff regarding the safety protocols and all Covid-19 guidelines.
  • You need to do team training for that.
  • You need to install the hand sanitiser station at your hotel entrance.
  • You will have to remove all self-service items from your hotel lobby.
  • You need to follow some awareness training programmes including social distancing, handwashing and all.
  • You need to clean the guest room and disinfect the place for the guests as well. It is now very much necessary before welcoming the new guests. It will decrease the potential exposure as well.

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3. Some other necessary checklists for guests:

A hotel needs to arrange all necessary hotel products ready for their guests. Here are these:

  • Toiletries including lotion, shampoo, soap and all are very much necessary. Every hotel needs to arrange these items for their guests.
  • Personal care items are also very much necessary for guests. They need a comb, hairdryer, shower cap, shaving cream and all.
  • A coffee or tea kit is an essential item that you need to add to your checklist.
  • A tissue box is necessary to keep in hotel rooms and other areas.
  • To provide excellent and luxurious treatment to your guests, you need to provide bathroom slippers and bathrobes as well.
  • A laundry basket is very much essential to keep all dirty and used clothes there. This is the must-have hotel products Australia that every hotel authority needs to arrange.
  • You need to add a foldable ironing table in the guest room as well. It is necessary for those people who needs to go out for an urgent meeting in the morning.

4. Turn on the operational service:

You may have paused the third party service in your hotels due to Covid-19 shut down. But you need to restart it before reopening your hotels once again for guests.

hotel products australia

5. Need to check other essential areas:

You can buy a lot of wholesale hotel products for your guests. Before reopening your hotel, you need to check some areas:

  • You need to check the hotel lobby and parking lot.
  • You should check the stairs and elevators as well.
  • You need to ensure the housekeeping staff and their services as well.

These are all necessary needs that you should check before reopening hotels once again. For easy access, you need to buy some wholesale hotel products and ensuring comfort for your guests. You can see these are some hotel products direct Australia that all hotel authorities in Australia have.

So, while you are going to reopen your hotel and welcome guests then, you need to keep your second eye all over your property and check everything with minute details. If you lead an online application or registration for bookings in your hotel then, you need to check whether the software is working properly or not. You need to upgrade your website and mention all safety measures as well. It will work as an awareness. If you can afford it then, you should offer some discount rates or some other facilities including free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and all. The guests will entertain this.