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Why Do You Need a Base for a Pull Out Wire Basket?

Why Do You Need a Base for a Pull Out Wire Basket?

Pull Out Wire Basket

Many people think that if they have a pull out wire basket, they do not need any accessory to use the storage space offered by the same. However, this is not true. You need a base for a pull out basket as well.

The bases which you can get are nonslip in design. There are quite a few reasons why you need to get a base for a pull out basket. We will highlight these reasons below.

1. To prevent spills or falls:

If you observe the construction of the pull out basket carefully, you will realize that it consists of many gaps in between. Due to these gaps, you cannot store the ingredients or the small jars of pots and pans directly.

You cannot store the ingredients because they will spill over or fall over as well.

When you install a nonslip base over the basket, you will be able to prevent such spills and falls. That is why; you will be able to store all these ingredients and more in the basket.

2. To increase the storage capacity:

Usually, such baskets has a list of things you can store and which you cannot store in it. That is because of construction of the basket.

However, once you install a base, you can store almost everything in the basket. In a nutshell, the storage capacity of the basket increases manifold once you install the nonslip base on it.

To increase the storage capacity of the basket, such a nonslip base is a necessity.

3. To increase the life span:

Pull Out Wire Basket

Essentially, you are installing an additional layer over the wire basket when you’re installing a base. The ingredients or the stuff which you are storing in the basket will come in contact with the nonslip base. Also, the load will be primarily carried by the nonslip base as well.

It means that the wear and tear of the basket will be pretty limited.

When the wear and tear of the basket is limited, its life span will increase as well. You will no longer have to worry about replacing the entire basket because of excessive load or any damage as well. That is another reason why you should install a base on the basket.

4.To prevent rolling:

Usually, when you’re keeping even the medium-sized jars in the basket, moving around the basket might result in jars rolling over. If they fall down on the wires, the lid might get opened as well. This will once again lead to rolling.

In a nutshell, it can lead to the wastage of ingredients as well.

To avoid all these problems, you have to install a nonslip base on the basket. Once you install that base, you will no longer have to worry about any such wastage.

Now that you know how to use the wire basket in a much better way, it is good to go with an entire storage assembly like the one on offer here by Venace.

With that being said, the next time around, you’re planning to integrate such a basket, make sure that you get base as well. As you can see, base over the pull out wire basket can provide you with numerous advantages.