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5 Tips To Maximize Your Laundry Storage

5 Tips To Maximize Your Laundry Storage

While doing laundry is an essential task, keeping our laundry room clean and functional is equally important. With this, we can make our tasks more efficient and convenient. We can also avoid issues when it comes to hygiene and sanitation.

The question is, how?

Simple. The answer lies in maximizing your laundry storage. If you manage to do this right, you have nothing to worry about in terms of neatness, functionality, and convenience.

To help you with this, we left five of the best tips that you can do in the next sections. We’ll also recommend innovative products that you can check out along the way.

Group Laundry Tools Together

One of the most common mistakes that we do is put laundry tools in whenever we feel it is most convenient. This may be on the top of our washing machines, by our laundry tops, shelves, etc. Anyhow, this is something that you should stop immediately.

What you should do is make it a habit to group laundry tools together. Cleaning products go together, same with laundry clothes, drying tools, and likes. It will be best if you have different storage for each. A small box for each will do since you can stack them up.

You can also use a laundry basket, hanging hook, and likes. Avoid large shelves since this won’t help you maximize your storage.

For the basket, you can use a laundry basket with wheels. This will make it easier for you to move it to wherever is convenient.

Laundry Basket

Turn to Under Sink Storage Solutions

To save more space, using under sink storage solutions is a good choice. This will allow you to make use of the empty room under your sink. You can put your cleaning tools here, especially those chemicals that need to be separated from others. This can include bleach, acids, and others.

To ensure that getting items under your sink won’t be difficult, you can get a two-tier pull-out sink organizer.

In this way, all you have to do is pull out with little to no force whenever you need something from it. Moreover, because it has two levels, you can store more items in it compared to a one-tier.

Under Sink StorageMake Ironing More Innovative

Using a traditional ironing board can lessen the space that you can work with.

Because of this, it’s best to use an innovative wall mounted ironing board. If you use this, you can simply clip your ironing board on the wall when it’s not in use. On the flip side, if you need to iron your clothes, you can just fold them down.

Simply said, a wall mounted ironing board is better than a standing one since you won’t need additional storage for this.

wall mounted ironing boardUse Empty Space

If your laundry room has an empty space left, you shouldn’t leave it as is. Doing so can waste the said space, and lead to a non-maximized room.

Some things that you can do with the empty canvas are to install hooks, add thin or narrow shelves, or get additional laundry tops. A wall cabinet will also be an ideal choice.

Basically, you can put anything you think will add more functionality while not taking up a large part of the room.

Avoid Storing Irrelevant Items

Finally, avoid storing irrelevant items in your laundry room. Since it’s for laundry only, don’t make it a storage room for other tools like room cleaning, construction tools, and likes. This can take up unnecessary space in the room, and thus, less room for exclusive laundry tools.

You won’t need a tool to do this tip. It just needs simple self-discipline and organization. Not only will this task help you maximize your storage, but it will also avoid issues with product mix-ups.


You can make the most out of your laundry room, no matter what size it is. This applies even if it’s a small-spaced room. The only important thing that you should remember is to use innovative and functional tools.

For those that are working with small spaces, traditional pieces of laundry equipment won’t work. Instead, you need to opt for foldable, built-in, or wall-mounted ones. Mainly, you can check out a laundry basket, wall mounted ironing board, and under sink storage.

You should also ensure that you’re using specific storage units for each tool. This will help you keep your room organized.