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What to Store in the Laundry Room?

Laundry Room Essential You Must Know

Some people are lucky to have a designated laundry room in their homes. Some only have a laundry area, which is sometimes located in a separate area outside the house. Laundry rooms are created for a reason. You should be able to wash your clothes, iron them and fold them all in one area before putting them inside their respective closets.

It can be tiring and time-consuming to have to move to different rooms just to get your laundry done. A laundry room is an excellent way to finish all your laundry-related tasks in one area before moving on to other activities. Of course, having a laundry room also means you can keep all your laundry stuff in one place, but what else can you put in your laundry room? Here are some things (and appliances) you can keep in your laundry room to help you at all times.

Laundry Room

Things to Put In A Laundry Room

The stuff you can put in your laundry room should be things that can aid you with doing your laundry.

  • A washing machine is the most obvious item to place inside your laundry room since you will need it to wash your clothes. You would need to allot a designated socket and drain so that dispensing water will not make the room messy.
  • Laundry soap and other similar items – Have an overhead cabinet installed and make sure that you can easily reach it. Place your laundry detergent, bleach, fabric conditioner, and stain removal in that cabinet so that you can reach for whatever you need when you need it.
  • Cleaning supplies – You can also put your brushes, brooms, dustpans, and cleaning materials in the laundry room, aside from your cleaning gloves. It will make for easier access when you need to clean the entire house.
  • Drying rack – You can also have a drying rack installed in your laundry room for clothes that are meant to be hung out to dry so that they don’t lose their shape. If you have a sink, it’s best to have the drying rack installed over the sink so that the water goes directly into it.

Drying Rack

  • Towels- If you still have space, you can place your towels in a cabinet or basket in your laundry area. These towels can be used to wipe spills in the kitchen or in the living room, or any area of the house that might need them. It’s not also recommended to keep these towels with the ones you use in the bathroom, as they might contain different bacteria that may harm people.
  • Ironing supplies – You can have your ironing board placed or installed inside your laundry room, and you can keep your iron and fabric softener in a cabinet. That way, you can iron your clothes straight from the dryer before placing them inside your closet.

ironing board

  • Laundry baskets and hampers – You can place these in the laundry room so that you can easily place folded clothes according to the owner. It would be easier to segregate clothes using these laundry baskets.
  • Sewing supplies – You can also keep sewing supplies in the laundry room so that you can remedy torn clothes even before they go into the washer.
  • Garbage can – It’s a good idea to keep a garbage can in the laundry room so you can quickly dispose of lint that has been building up inside your washing machine. You can also dispose of dryer sheets, empty bottles, and other disposable items.
  • Appliance manuals – Since you will be keeping appliances such as the washing machine and iron in your laundry area, it’s best to keep their manuals within easy reach as well, so when something goes wrong, you would not have to scour the entire house searching for help with troubleshooting.

Additional items:

You can also have a folding area in your laundry room. It can be a countertop placed on top of the cabinets where you keep your laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, or it can be a pull-down board for more accessible storage. Your ironing board can serve as your folding board, but it’s best to use it for the purpose it serves. You can also have a laundry cart on wheels if you don’t have separate laundry baskets or hampers. A laundry cart on wheels can easily transport folded clothes from room to room, and you can place a lot of clothes and even cleaning supplies for easier transport.

laundry cart on wheels

How To Organize Your Laundry Area

Now that we’ve listed a few things you can put in your laundry room, it’s time to figure out where to put everything. If the room is small, you can have overhead cabinets installed to minimize the use of floor space. You can also have your ironing board and the folding board placed in a cabinet or have them installed as pull-downs. Here are some ideas for keeping your laundry area organized and spacious.

  1. Vertical shelving can help with storage space since you can organize items according to importance.
  2. Place hooks on a blank wall or even behind the laundry room door so that you can hang up items like brooms, mops, and even linen towels.
  3. Use a foldable laundry cart on wheels so if you’re not using it, you can fold it up and store it in a tight space somewhere in your laundry area.
  4. If your washing machine has a side opening, it’s a great idea to have a countertop installed over them, which you can use as a folding area. You won’t need to purchase a specific folding board that will take up space since you can DIY a countertop.


Laundry rooms are a great way of hiding your cleaning equipment away, especially if that room has a door. As a result, your washing machine won’t be so intrusive to the eyes of people who visit your home. Additionally, you can keep all your cleaning supplies in one place, making for easier access. All you have to do is organize your laundry area well so that you won’t have trouble locating your mop or linen towels.