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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ironing Board

What to Look for in an Ironing Board?

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Welding Point

Nowadays there are ordinary spot welds and brads on the market. You are better off choosing an ironing board that uses copper soldering as it will be fully soldered at the interface. A spot welded ironing board will have raised welds which are unattractive and tend to come off.


A fine ironing board usually uses multi-colour reactive printing technology with bright and beautiful colours. The poor quality ironing board has a single pattern and can even stain our clothes. Choose a product with a branded company, the service and quality can be guaranteed.


Needle-punched cotton is now commonly used in the market as a layer pad. However, the thicker the padding, the better. The best choice is to use needle-punched cotton that is 7 mm thick in accordance with European standards, which provides an even density and saves time and effort.


Wooden board are prone to absorbing water and mould while plastic panels are prone to cracking when ironed repeatedly at high temperatures. Some manufacturers use poor quality raw materials, which can also easily produce toxic gases, seriously affecting the health of the family. We recommend carbon steel mesh that has been polished and rust-proofed to effectively avoid the shortcomings of the above materials, and is safe, breathable and environmentally friendly.


A good ironing board not only has a beautiful pattern and suitable size, but also has a strong, durable and environmentally friendly baking paint. Poor quality powders are prone to peeling off and dulling the lustre. In addition its heavy metal content is high and long-term contact with the skin can easily lead to heavy metal poisoning.