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How to Clean and Care an Iron?

How to Clean and Care an Iron?

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As an essential appliance for our homes, the household iron has become an indispensable helper in people’s lives. With the use of an iron, you can make your wrinkled clothes smooth and even again. However, many people tend to neglect the maintenance of their irons, always throwing them away after use. In fact, even the best irons need regular maintenance. If not properly maintained, the life of the iron will be greatly reduced. Here we will introduce you to the maintenance methods of the household irons.

How should we care for our household irons?

First of all, you need to unplug the iron from the mains. After the iron has cooled sufficiently, wipe the soleplate and other parts of the iron with a soft cloth. If the iron is heavily stained, you can use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent to wipe it off. Remember, do not use banana water, stain removing powder or volatile solvents for cleaning.

What should I do if my iron is leaking?

  1. If you have just added water to the iron and the water comes straight out of the sump before the iron is switched on, check that the steam knob is at the start position.
  2. Check that the steam knob is not turned on while the indicator light is still on. If the iron is not hot enough for the water to atomise, it will leak.
  3. Check that the iron is properly plugged in. If the iron is not hot enough, the water will not heat up into steam, so water will leak out of the steam hole when the spray button is pressed.
  4. Make sure the temperature knob is set to the correct position. The low setting is not high enough for the water to atomise into steam and may cause a leak.
  5. Do not press the spray button until the temperature control light is off. And the interval between presses should be no less than 2 seconds, otherwise the hot water will flow out from the soleplate before atomising into steam.
  6. When ironing, do not tilt the iron. Do not shake the iron excessively, otherwise it will cause hot water to fly out.

Suggestions for Using an Iron

  1. Cleaning: After a period of use, the iron will often deposit some scale, especially in the area of the soleplate outlet. Do not use hard objects to remove the limescale as the plating on the soleplate of the iron can be easily damaged. The correct way is to use a water-based cleaner to break down the limescale and then clean it with a soft cloth.
  2. Switch control. You should turn the switch off when the iron is not in use, this is the same for any appliance. When an appliance is out of use, especially if it will not be used for a long period of time, always switch the appliance off and disconnect it from the power supply.  Doing so will not only extend the life of the appliance, but will also eliminate some of the safety hazards.
  3. Put the iron away: After using the iron, wait for it to dry and cool down and put it in a dry place, while protecting the power cord. In addition, you should avoid the iron in a humid environment.


Even a good iron will not last long without good care. You should clean your iron at least once a month to remove any limescale that has collected inside the iron and store it away until it is completely dry. This is the only way to prolong the life of your household iron.