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What Is A Full Overlay Hinge?

What Is A Full Overlay Hinge?

When choosing the right hinge for your doors and cabinets, the options are limitless. Hinges vary from style to functionality which may widen your options when choosing the right one. Fortunately, your door and cabinet type will immensely help you choose amongst the different varieties of hinges.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the different types of hinges and their differences from each other so that you know what to buy for your cabinets and doors.

Types of Hinges

Now, what is a full overlay hinge? Before we get to the description, remember that there are three types of hinges that you can choose from when you’re assembling your cabinet and doors. It’s essential to know these three types of hinges as they provide efficient use of your entries.

  • Inset. The Inset hinge creates a blended look by making your door blend in the wall it’s placed in, resting on the same plane of the cabinet frame as well as the door space of the cabinet.
  • Full Overlay. A full overlay hinge makes the cabinet door cover the entire cabinet opening when closed, and the wood edge inside the cabinet is wholly exposed once the door is open.
  • Half Overlay. When a partial overlay is installed, the cabinet door partially covers the cabinet box when the door is closed, while the wood edge inside the cabinet box is exposed when the door is open.

Hinge Types

The hinges are pretty self-explanatory and what you choose among them entirely depends on the style you’re going for your cabinets and doors.

How Do You Install Full Overlay Hinges?

Installing whole overlay hinges is easier than you think. If you have the right tools, you can do the job much faster rather than calling and waiting for a carpenter to fix it for you. Before you start assembling your whole overlay hinges and cabinet doors, you need to have the proper equipment:

  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Combination Square
  • Drill
  • Forstner Bit
  • Rafter Square
  • Self-centring drill bit
  • Philips Drill bit
  • Shims
  • Screwdriver

If you don’t have these items in your garage, then it’s okay. Call your carpenter and let him do the dirty work for you. But if you do have these items, then it’s time to assemble your whole overlay hinges.


Step 1: Place a mark on the door where you will place the hinge base for the cabinet

  • At the bark, create a mark using the combination square by ⅞ inch. Make sure that it is aligned with the door’s hinge-side.
  • Create marks going over the line 3 inches away from both the edges at the bottom and top part. This will act as the center for your hinge cup.

Step 2: Drill the holes for the hinge cup.

  • After you finish marking the specific areas, use a Forstner Drill bit to drill the center of the hole until through. Test if the hinge-cups fit by blowing the shavings out to ensure that the flanges make contact with the surface of the door.

Step 3: Lodge the hinge-cups in place.

  • Once you’ve finished drilling the holes, situate the cups into the designated holes and secure the screws on each side with a drill bit that has a self-centering feature.

Step 4: Create a mark on the cabinet

  • Wedge the door with even gaps at all sides. The hole should be at least 1/16 inches in measurement.
  • Now, take the door off and draw a straight line on the cabinet with a combination square on the cabinet’s side panel 2 ¼ inches away from its front edge.
  • Afterward, create a horizontal line on the mark that’s 3 inches from the gap and other edges.

Step 5: Install mounting plate.

  • From the hinge, take out the mounting plate and make sure that the three screw holes are lined up in the middle of the marks you’ve placed, then drill the holes with a self-centering bit.

Step 6: Set up the door

  • Place the door in an open position, connect the hinge to the mounting plate, and hold the bars down so that the hinge will lock itself on the plate. Afterward, check the result of your hard work.

If you’re the more visual type of learner, watch this video to guide you through installing your full overlay hinge on your cabinet door.

How To Easily Install Euro Cabinet Door Hinges | Woodbrew


Now that you know the difference between door hinge types, you can finally select the one you prefer for your cabinet. Additionally, you can save a ton from calling your carpenter as you now know how to install said hinges on your cabinet door properly.