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Top 5 European Cabinet Hinge Manufacturers

Top 5 European Cabinet Hinge Manufacturers

If you’ve decided to work on your home’s cabinetry, one of the things that are constantly regarded as one of the more surprisingly frustrating things is finding a quality and reliable hinge manufacturer. Now, while hinge manufacturers in and of themselves are not particularly difficult, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find a quality product.

When choosing a hinge manufacturer, you’ll need to know their overall experience in the field, the costs and quality of the products, how well their work has been received, and whether they offer other services. All of these are vitally important things that must be considered before just signing off with any manufacturer. When combined, they all help to make a complete picture of their overall quality.

Below, we’ve gone over the five best manufacturers of European kitchen hardware for you and your cabinetry.

#1. Hafele UK Ltd.


Source: HAFELE

First established in the 1930s, Hafele has been one of the foremost pioneers in European hardware for cabinets, doors, and all other different styled furniture. The company has both produced and supplied hinges throughout the UK for well over 90 years, providing stellar customer service all along the way.

Today, the company has nearly 430 employees and deals with over 30,000 active clients every year. They offer bulk custom hinges for cabinets as  well as doors, making them in virtually any style. The European kitchen hardware company has also produced cabinet and drawer fittings, drawer runners, spot lights, lighting drivers, strip lights, as well as sliding door systems.

#2. Formenti & Giovenzana Spa


Source: Formenti & Giovenzana Spa

First started in 1947, the Italian-based company was founded by Luigi Formenti, Giulio Formenti, and Fortunato Giovenzana in Veduggio con Colzano. Sitting as another top-tier furniture hardware company, Formenti & Giovenzana Spa (FGV) has created and produced wardrobe hinges as well as sliding doors, telescopic extension slides, wall hanging brackets, and most famously, their brass knobs.

Since their initial startup in the 40s, FGV has since grown and expanded several times over. They now have over 900 employees connected with them around the world and work with all types of clientele, ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings and establishments.

#3. Cooke Brothers Unlimited

Cooke Brother 300x195

Source: Cooke Brothers

By far the oldest of the five companies, the Cooke Brothers Unlimited (CBU) was founded in 1872, nearly 150 years ago, and has produced some of the best European kitchen hardware ever since. The Birmingham-based manufacturer has made a name for themselves, producing various hinges and metal stampings.

Due to the incredible quality of their hardware, CBU immediately became a success, now owning a 7-acre factory that is dedicated solely to producing the best hinges for cabinets, doors, and other parts of the home. Just some of the different hinges they offer include cabinet hinges, PIVOTA concealed hinges, architectural hinges, and corner cabinet hinges.

The company also offers bespoke designing and contract manufacturing to develop specific client demands at an affordable rate.

#4. Salice


Source: Salice

First founded in Cantù Italy in the late 1920s, Salice first started as a retail distributor for Italian and overseas hardware. Initially created by Arturo Salice, the Italian manufacturing company first started working in the local part of Cantù. As they grew and continued to expand, the company eventually started to open up stores throughout the various parts of Italy until they were eventually a well-known household name throughout the entire country.

It was in the 1950s where the company first started moving into furniture manufacturing for itself. Now, nearly 100 years later, the company has numerous subsidiaries all around the world and has continued to improve the production and manufacturing of its products.

While they are well-known for producing high-quality European hardware for cabinets, they also have included several other hardware products. These range from various furniture hinges to runners and drawers, lift systems and sliding systems, undermount drawer slides, damper & release devices, and many other furniture accessories.

#5. CEAM Amadeo Spa

Ceamitalia 300x61

Source: CEAM

Founded over 50 years ago in 1962, the CEAM Amadeo Spa has been an amazing manufacturing company, producing various quality hinges. These included concealed hinges for cabinets as well as for doors. In fact, their concealed cabinet hinges are still a mainstay of the company to this day, over 50 years later.

During their beginning years, the company primarily followed the Italian market trends. However, as they grew, the company began putting attention into various other hardware markets, such as furniture fittings. Today, CEAM produces and manufactures hinges for all types of furniture, going beyond doors and cabinets and moving into tables and other types of furniture.

What makes CEAM stand out on this list compared to the other entries (despite not being as established or as varied as others) is the fact that they use some of the highest quality raw materials available while also implementing advanced technology when producing their hinges and different types of furniture hardware. They offer hinges made from several different materials, including stainless steel, brass, steel & zinc alloy, and zinc & brass alloy. They also manufacture concealed hinges, 2D hinges, and 3D hinges as well.

In recent times, CEAM has also begun expanding its products to include various door and door accessories. As an example, they now have produced glass doors, joints & bushes, and well as door opening systems. It is because of this that they have become one of the more renowned companies throughout Europe.


Just as in other parts of the world, Europe hosts a number of hinge producers and manufacturers. The key, however, is to make sure you are going to the right place and dealing with a company that is reputable and has a track record of providing high-quality and reliable products.

There are numerous places you can go throughout the EU that may offer quality hinges in their own right. However, there are just as many out there that would be more than willing to pass off lower quality hinges. As such, if possible, checking out the aforementioned five companies should be your first point of order.

If you are in the EU and are in need of the best concealed cabinet hinges for your home or business, what happens if you can’t get to any of these companies? A great alternative option is Venace. They are an internationally recognized household manufacturer that offers some of the highest quality products while at some of the most competitive of rates. There, you can get many of the same level of quality hinges, slides, and gas springs as you would at any of the earlier companies mentioned.

Check out any of the companies mentioned here and see which best fits you and your cabinet-based needs.