Magic Corner II Blind Corner Slide Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer 800
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Top 10 Cabinet Solutions for a Kitchen Designer

Top 10 Cabinet Solutions for a Kitchen Designer

Magic Corner II Blind Corner Slide Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer 800

The kitchen is one of the most cluttered spaces inside a home. Unlike the bedroom, where you avoid clutter, and the living room, which wouldn’t look nice with much furniture, the kitchen has the most appliances and furniture.

You’ve got a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave, a toaster, an air fryer, and other equipment. If you’re the type of person who loves to cook, you’d have many cooking accessories such as knife sets, cutlery, baking equipment, and so forth.

Now, you can’t have all of these lying on your countertop. The space generally reserved for preparations would be so overwhelmed, and you wouldn’t be able to move around as much. Thus, it would be best if you had cabinets.

Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. offers a few cabinet solutions if you want to maximize your kitchen space.

Modern Solutions for an Ancient Problem

1.Floating cabinets

If your kitchen has a small floor area, you’d need floating cabinets so that they won’t take up much of your floor space, and you’d be able to use that space for your appliances. Cabinets high up on your kitchen walls give the illusion that your floor area is more prominent, and overhead lighting adds to the vision of space.

These cabinets are what we see in typical kitchens, and it maximizes your countertop and sink area since all your pots and pans can be stored inside those cabinets.

2.Invisible cabinets

These are the types of storage that disappear into the walls of your kitchen, visible only by perhaps a sliver. This, perhaps, is the most economical type of storage since it doesn’t use up any of the immediate space inside the kitchen. Some people use this to store cereal, canned goods, and bottled goods, which aren’t easily accessible to pests.

An invisible cabinet can be opened by pushing then retracting, or a small handle embedded into the door.

3.Blind corner cabinet organizers

This type of organizer utilizes the blind corners of your kitchen cabinets and can easily be sled all the way out for better access. It’s also reasonably easy to install. Venace offers this innovative piece of work on their website, and you can see how much this is here.

4.Steel racks

This isn’t a cabinet, per se, but an open type of storage where you can place various boxes and plasticware. It’s also easy to build and install, and you can even use wheels for its feet so you can move it around whenever you want.

5.Sink organizer

There’s a new trend going around, and it’s this beautiful steel dishrack you place directly over your sink, so you can drain your newly washed dishes immediately before placing them inside your drawers.

It has a minimalist feel to it, with hooks on both sides, a place for your glasses, plates, and utilities, and even a place for your dishwashing sponge. It can easily be removed whenever you want, and it’s also relatively cheap.

6.Hanging spice rack

It’s best to have your spices where you can easily reach them whenever you need them. It’s also good to have them elevated to avoid being eaten by pests such as cockroaches and ants. Ideally, have your hanging spice rack near your stove, perhaps drilled onto an existing floating cabinet, so that your kitchen wall won’t have holes in them.

7.Revolving baskets

These steel baskets can be installed inside cabinets and can be used to house glasses, mugs, and other drinkware. You can even place one inside your refrigerator to maximize space, and the immediate surface area won’t be so cluttered with many different items.

8.Layer your drawers

Layering is always a good idea, and it’s best for your cutlery. Having a drawer with dividers and layers will separate your knives from your can openers. You wouldn’t also need to scramble around in your drawer, searching for a spoon and fork. You can also use layered drawers for your baking supplies, such as piping bags, molds, and mixer blades.

9.Wire pullout

Since we’ve already established the idea of a blind corner cabinet organizer, you can also have wire pullouts installed in different cabinets. This is useful when you need that ceramic pan hiding in the back of one of your closets.

10.Move it outside

If you’ve got way too many appliances and storage racks, see which ones you can place outside. Perhaps the grill lying in one corner of your kitchen can stay in the garden. You can use that space to build another cabinet or place another steel rack and move your smaller appliances there. It’s easy to see which devices you can move around or even hide.

Bonus: Label everything!

Place small printed labels on your drawers and cabinets so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time rummaging around and opening everything to find a bread knife. It also makes your kitchen feel homier, and you’ll be thanking yourself for not wasting time puttering about.

Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. offers a variety of kitchen cabinet solutions that you can find here, and they’re selling them at reasonably low prices.


You don’t need to spend a lot to make your kitchen look better. All it takes is a little bit of hard work installing all those organizers inside your existing cabinets, and voila, you’ve got a clean kitchen and lots of storage area.

Even your appliances can be hidden cleverly inside your cabinets. YouTube has many DIY tutorials on how to maximize kitchen space, and all you have to do is watch them. With the proper tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can do them yourself. Even incorporating your stove into your countertop is easy!

Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. will care for your storage needs, and the rest is up to you. The trick is knowing which appliances and equipment can be moved around to maximize the kitchen space you already have, and which ones you should just hide. For more details about how you can conveniently organize, visit the official website of Venace.