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7 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Universal Design

7 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Universal Design

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Several kitchen cabinet accessories can be installed into the kitchen to providing the desired storage spaces. Homeowners have different needs when it comes to kitchen storage. Some have a lot of items they would like to store. They tend to install several kitchen cabinet accessories to accommodate the several items they handle in the kitchen. The kitchen accessories should provide the right storage sections to make it easy for homeowners to enjoy working in the kitchen. Here we will discuss kitchen upper cabinet accessories that are common in universal design kitchens:

1.Shelf Door Storage Trays

On the kitchen cabinet doors, shelf door storage trays can be fitted. They provide the perfect place where important items in the kitchen can be stored. There are some items that people prefer getting fast in the kitchen. It becomes easy to retrieve items such as spices when they are placed on the shelf door storage trays. Each time the trays are pulled out, the items will be displayed, ready for retrieval.

2.Roll-Out Trays Storage

Apart from a pull-down shelf, a kitchen cabinet can have roll-out trays. The trays can be installed carefully to provide extra space required to store more items in the kitchen. It is easy to pull out the trays and retrieve items when in the kitchen. The different accessories that can be installed in the cabinet are essential in providing extra storage space. It makes working in the kitchen comfortable.

3.Maxi Waste Bin

A waste bin can be installed between the cabinets to create extra space where waste in the kitchen can be handled. There is a challenge in the kitchen after a lot of waste has been generated. It becomes easy to manage the waste if the maxi waste bin is installed. The bins come in different materials. Homeowners can opt for plastic units, and they can contribute to making the kitchen stay tidy. A well-organized kitchen tends to make work easy for the chefs.

4.Swiveling Basket

A swiveling basket can be installed on the cabinet doors to provide extra space. They are the perfect way to store items that are frequently used in the kitchen. Additional accessories can be installed on the swiveling basket to make them more usable. When the space is organized well, it leads to the accommodation of more items. The kitchen space will appear bigger if the necessary accessories are utilized to keep the space organized.

5.Door-Mount Rack

A rack on the kitchen cabinets can create more space for the homeowners to handle more items. The racks can be used to hold cutlery, such as knives and spoons. They come in a wide range of designs, making it essential for homeowners to compare them then decide on the best. The door mounts save space because they make it possible to utilize space in the kitchen that would not have been utilized in normal circumstances.

6.Swing-Out Pantry System

It is a practical solution that can be applied to keep things organized in the kitchen. The system can be installed in the long doors of the cabinets. In normal circumstances, the long doors will not be utilized. The spaces here the pantry can be installed will create more room for handling towels and other items that are required in the kitchen. The kitchen space becomes more usable when the different accessories are installed.


The kitchen cabinets can have drawers of different sizes. The drawers are essential in creating the perfect space where people can enjoy. When people are looking for ways they can store more items safely, they can opt for the drawers. They are the perfect way to get things working perfectly. When there are many items to handle in the kitchen, having more drawers makes it possible to handle the items.

The above are simple accessories that can be added to kitchen cabinets to create more storage space. Even a small kitchen can hold more items if the accessories are well utilized. They work in most kitchens without interfering with the designs. Homeowners can compare the several accessories and decide to install one that can meet their specific needs. Hiring the best home improvement contractor is necessary to get the perfect job done.