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The Complete Guide to Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

If you are designing your kitchen and want to maintain the budget, then the best way to do this staying inside the standard kitchen cabinet dimension. If you choose the standard ways then it will be cost-effective and you won’t have to worry about adding extra expenses. But the question now is about the right dimension. Some kitchen manufacturers offer customized solutions, but they should also provide a guide for the readymade things in their store.


Check out this article to understand the sizes available for standard kitchen cabinets. If you trying to stick to a budget and save money, this guide will help you get the right sizes for the kitchen. Let’s find out more about the kitchen solution below.

The Standard Dimensions of a Base Kitchen Cabinet:

Base cabinets are an important part of the kitchen. The area might not have tall cabinets or walls, but it must have base cabinets. Without it, there will be no countertop, and when this is missing there will be no sink and a prepping area. You can choose from different options in the case of base cabinets, and consider the pull-out storage. However, you have to understand the standard kitchen cabinet sizes to fit them perfectly in your kitchen.

Base cabinets are made with three sections. The worktop depth and thickness, the height of the cabinet, and the toe kick and plinth height. The standard dimension of the base cabinet should be

  • Worktop depth- 600 to 650mm
  • Overall height- 890 to 910mm
  • Plinth- 150mm
  • Depth- 560 to 600mm
  • Height- 720mm
  • Worktop thickness- 20-40mm
  • Widths- varies from 150 to 1000 and 1200mm

Kitchen Base Cabinet

Other base kitchen cabinets:

The upper mentioned list is about the normal base drawer packs and cabinets. Here check out some other options.

Corner Cabinets: Corner cabinets are available in two different sizes. Straight and the other with blank section. These cabinets usually stay at the blind corners, where you cannot see the section. You can utilize those corners with cabinets. The size of the cabinet should be:

  • 1100mm wide
  • 1000mm wide
  • 900mm wide (450 doors)

The standard size should be 910 x 910mm. Also, the depth and height of these corner cabinets stay the same based on the standard products.

Shallow depth cabinets: The other type of cabinet is the shallow depth ones. These cabinets aren’t deep enough as the standard sizes; these have half depth. If the space in your kitchen is short, then you can choose these cabinets that are not too deep and provide a storage option. The standard size available is 300 to 350mm deep

The Standard Dimensions of Wall Kitchen Cabinets:

Other than kitchen cabinet dimensions you also have to consider wall cabinets, it will bring some beauty to the cooking area. You can opt for traditional, glass, or classic wall cabinets. Based on the structure and design of your kitchen you have to choose the material. You can choose the dimension such as:

  • Width from 300 to 1000 mm
  • Depth is 300 to 350mm
  • Height should be 360, 575, 720, and 900mm

Small wall cabinets are sometimes referred to as top boxes, and these offer useful storage options at the top of the standard wall cabinets. It will look perfect if your kitchen has high ceilings and you want to get better storage options. You can also install it above your refrigerator, it will help the frame of the appliance.

wall cabinet

The Standard Dimensions of Tall Kitchen Cabinets:

In the case of tall cabinets, it will give a better storage option and this is the most commonly used thing in households. To set up the appliances this type of cabinet is required. You will get different heights, and the small one is 1825mm, and the standard ones are 2150mm to 1950mm tall. These are the cabinet heights. Also, these should be the kitchen cabinet dimensions:

  • The plinth is 150mm
  • Width is from 300 to 600mm
  • Depth is 560-600mm
  • Heights should be 1825 to 2150mm

It’s important to remember the cornice at the upper side of the cabinet when you are measuring the heights.

Studio Height Cabinets: This type of tall cabinet is popular in small apartments. These cabinets are the two-third size of the tall cabinets, and they can range between 1200 to 1500mm. You can also fit revolving baskets in the corners of the fridge and other cabinets. This will save more space in the kitchen and offer storage space.

tall kitchen cabinet

The Distance Between the Wall Cabinets and Countertop:

The distance between the underside wall cabinet and countertop depends on the thickness and the height of the worktop. There are no standard rules for the distance, but still, it’s good to follow the sizes. You have to choose at least 400mm to have enough space on the countertop. You have to maintain size such as:

  • The wall cabinet is 720mm
  • The tall cabinet should be 2100mm
  • Base cabinet from 870mm + 40mm worktop
  • The wall cabinet is 720mm and the standard distance should be 470mm.

Based on the calculation you have to line up the top of the kitchen wall with tall cabinets. In the case of contemporary and modern kitchens, the distance is big and the style is to install short cabinets. This will create a big gap so that you can line up the wall cabinets on top of the tall cabinet.

The Distance Between the Extractor and Hob:

The distance between the hob and the extractor should be large so it gives a better look to the kitchen. The standard rule is to have a 750mm gap over the hob and 650mm above the ceramic or induction hob. Moreover, these are just the general rules. Some extractors allow smaller distances. To understand this gap information, contact a kitchen accessories supplier near you.

Cabinets are the main things in a kitchen. You can opt for corner base cabinet sizes and other standard measurements to build a better design for your kitchen. However, while choosing the right sizes, you also have to select the decoration, set up, color, and layout. These will make the design unique. If you are still confused contact a reputed kitchen accessories seller and they will guide you through the process.


Source: Tech Advisor