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Pull Out Drawer Built In Ironing Board
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Product Description

pull out ironing board

Build in Ironing Board Advantages


Folding Design, this drawer built in ironing board can be installed in a drawer or other hidden cabinet area which can save space. When you want to apply, you just need to slide out, and put it back into the cabinet when it is done. Very easy operating,

Three sections slide rail:

By using high quality slide rails, the cabinet drawer built-in ironing board can be pulled out smoothly and quietly.

Width adjustable:

The width of drawer allowed for installed is adjustable between 370 and 540mm wide (14-1/4”-21-1/4”);

Easy installation:

Easily installed by connecting several screws and the cabinet. The procedure is simple and easy to operate. The Built in ironing Center is a complete time-saver as it takes seconds to fold and unfold.

Removable Washable Heat-resistant Cotton Cover:

Comes with a removable and washable cotton cover. The cover is heat-resistant which guarantees the thermo stability.

High-quality Metal Frame:

High-performance ball-bearing slide systems and white-painted finish ensure good rust-prevention and strong sturdiness.


install in the wardrobe or Laundry. This Built in ironing Center is convenient to store in the recessed cabinet






White powder coated steel with striped

Board material

Iron Net

Stand material

Steel tube





Swivels angles


Board length

956 mm when opened

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20-1/2" * 16-1/6 * 4"

520 * 410 * 100


18.65lb / 8.460 kg









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Why Use a Cabinet Built-in Ironing Board?
It is apparently that space is becoming a scarce resource as living space are getting more expensive. A good way to improve living standards is to wisely use every inch of space in your home. As ironing boards are necessities for many families, to well-arranged it is important.
Users who do not want to let the ironing center stands on the floor to take up too much space and it happens to have lots of cabinets or drawers in the bedroom or kitchen, it is a good choice use n Ironing Board in a Drawer from Venace.
How does this Built-in Ironing Center Work?
This recessed Ironing board can be easily installed in a drawer or other hidden cabinet area which can be hidden and save space. When users apply this ironing board in a drawer, it is only needed to slide out and open the folded board. When the ironing is done, users just need to put it back into the cabinet or drawer simply.
What are the Special Parts of this Pull-Out Ironing Board?
First, it has three-sections sliding rail. By applying the high-quality slides, the Built-in Ironing Board can be pulled out smoothly and quietly in the cabinets or drawers. Also, to fit in different sizes of drawers, this Built-in Ironing Center is width adjustable. The width of built in ironing board drawer allowed for installing is adjustable between 370 and 540 mm wide, which is 14-1/4”-21-1/4”. It may be suitable for customers who have various sizes of space.
Just like the Wall Mounted Ironing Board Venace has, this Built-in Ironing Center also has the normal characters which the traditional styles of ironing boards have, or even acting in a higher-quality level. The cotton cover is removable and washable. Besides, it is heat-resistant to prevent some safety issues. Additionally, the metal frame is with superb quality that you do not need to worry about the sturdiness.
Please do not hesitate to click Venace.com to find out more surprises. Shop online this Pull out & Built-in Ironing Board on our website, you will obtain the best offer.
Buy Drawer Built-In Ironing Board For Your Smart Home Creation
Space is becoming a headache nowadays, not just because it is hard to find a sufficient living space but also due to its highly expensive rate. With the reduction in this living resource, the price of living space is apparently growing higher. This has encouraged Venace to launch tech-savvy products that can turn the home smarter.
Venace’s drawer built-in ironing board is one such addition to its collection. Unlike the traditional ironing boards where the ironing center stands on the floor, killing much of the living space, the built-in drawer ironing board is just an exception. This ironing board drawer is not just designed to save your room space, but even responsible for improving the living standards.
Features of Ironing Board Drawer
1.Space-friendly feature: Ironing board drawer is featured with folding design and pull out push back feature. This, unlike the traditional ironing board, remains hidden inside the drawer, saving space of the room to a great extent.
2.Easy to slide option: Ironing board in a drawer has three sections of sliding rail. These high-quality sliding rails add comfort in sliding the drawer in and out.
3.Easy to adjust: The built-in ironing center comes in versatile sizes, just to adjust and fit every drawer or cabinet. The adjustable range is from 370mm to 450mm, with a width of 14-1/4”-21-1/4”. Such a versatile range allows every customer to use this drawer built ironing board. No matter how small or big it is, it is easy to adjust, easy to operate.
4.Installation friendly feature: The ironing board in a drawer is easy to install. Just a few screws and your ironing center can be set inside the drawer of your wardrobe with ease.
5.Heat-resistant cover: Like other ironing boards at Venace, the drawer ironing board even comes with a removable heat-resistant cover. This ensures thermostability thus working as a safety measure to the customers.
6.High-quality metal base: The ironing board is designed with a high-quality metal base and high-performance ball-bearing slide systems. The board has a white sophisticated finish that guarantees protection from rust and erosion.
7.Easy to fit: Venace built-in ironing boards are easy to fit at any space. Be it is inside the wardrobe or laundry, the built-in ironing center makes an ideal fit everywhere.
7.Easy to fit: Venace built-in ironing boards are easy to fit at any space. Be it is inside the wardrobe or laundry, the built-in ironing center makes an ideal fit everywhere.
Venace excels in creating drawer built-in ironing boards for every family. The primary intention to build such creative ironing tables is to save space of the room and to hide the board in an innovative way. And surprisingly, Venace has a win-win situation.
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7 reviews for Pull Out Drawer Built In Ironing Board

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    I am selling it at my store, my wife love this pull out ironing board! we use it at home also.

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    I wholesale this best built in ironing board. Good quality and good price!

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    best built in ironing board! nice manufacturer’s service!

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    Fast Shipping. Good Communication. Very helpful and professional. Highly recommended merchandise and seller. Quality product.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Good quality and good price

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    Good communication, fast delivery, high quality product. especially given the current circumstances (virus pandemic), Thank you.

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    We are very satisfied with the manufacturer’s service. All questions were answered in the shortest possible time. If there are problems, the manufacturer always has a solution immediately. The quality of the ordered product is excellent. The material and workmanship are of the best quality and the price was very satisfactory. This manufacturer has a very large selection of materials and many suggestions for our product. We look forward to a long-term cooperation!

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