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Practical Laundry Room Design Ideas

Practical Laundry Room Design Ideas

laundry room

Laundry rooms are those messy little spaces that always get cluttered regardless of how you keep them organized. Just like you care for the remaining part of your house, the laundry room needs equal attention.

However, designing your laundry room can be a fun-filled experience if you know the right kind of ideas. Getting innovative with the designing ideas can help a lot with your laundry room makeover.

Instead of sticking to the functional aspect, you should think about it from a fresh perspective. So, if you are looking for laundry room design ideas to jazz up, here are some inspirations that you may consider.

Laundry room design ideas:

Finding the right space for your laundry room – The basement is a good place to start with for your laundry room. That way, the hassles of the laundry will be confined to a separate space. This room can be your relaxation zone where people won’t bother you.

Moreover, you can build the laundry room on the entryway. However, make sure it stays away from the common area. Also, you can build the room beyond your kitchen, beside your living room, or a small area next to your garage.

Choose lively paint colors – Certain lively paint colors such as red or yellow look great for a laundry room. Also, you can choose neutral color schemes such as beige or white that help remove dullness and adds more light.

White laundry rooms brighten up the mood and make it easy for you to spot molds in the corners. Laundry rooms are susceptible to fungal growth.

Having the right laundry room furniture – An ideal laundry room furniture has anything from a wall ironing board to the linen closet, to backsplashes for the washer. While it may appear traditional but a backsplash is one of the perfect addition to your laundry room.

Moreover, if you have a large space, you can arrange a seating space. As such, you can read a book while the washing machine washes your clothes.

Make ample space for your storage solutions – A designated space is required in your laundry room so that you can store essential laundry supplies. These include hangers, laundry detergents, clothespins, fabric softeners, clothes hamper, laundry basket, etc.

Small cabinetry can serve your purpose well. When your utility room is well-organized, it allows you to complete the tasks with ease and comfort.

Make good use of counter spaces – These spaces are very important in a laundry room as they provide enough space to keep the laundry detergent, place the laundry cart, or hold other necessities while working.

Opening and closing the cabinetry often isn’t good. Moreover, adequate counter space keeps the floor tiles clean.

Use the laundry room walls – You can save a lot of space if you consider using the laundry room walls. Using them helps you to organize your laundry room effectively.

It is like studio apartments, where people make good use of the wall space to organize their small house. Using the laundry room walls for storage solutions is another great idea.

Adding significant lighting – Never forget to add adequate lighting to the laundry room. The room should be brightly lit so that you can check whether the clothes are properly washed or not. LED lights are the best because they are highly illuminating and energy-efficient.

However, if there is any possibility of installing windows, you should go for it. Or, use a skylight to brighten things in the laundry space. Good lighting is a must-have for laundry rooms regardless of big and small.

Explore your decorating ideas – Laundry rooms don’t have to display great pieces of artwork. Adding a laundry room sign with some decals makes you feel different.

You may be inclined to a retro theme or a wall hanging, or other décor items that you can’t display in the other rooms in your house. Because guests won’t visit your laundry room, it’s the best way to go nuts and do whatever you want.

Create a relaxation zone – Your laundry room can always be transformed into a designated space for relaxation. It takes some time for the clothes to get cleaned. That way, your laundry room could be a great place for relaxation.

You can do stuff such as browsing the internet on your laptop, read a book, play video games, or just sit idle and relax. Isn’t that wonderful?