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Most popular laundry basket of Venace in Africa and Dubai

Most popular laundry basket of Venace in Africa and Dubai


A term that makes us cringe from the heart because laundry days are always too tedious. 

Irrespective of what country you come from, you can never save yourself from doing laundry. If you are a regular laundry doer, you are likely to have a clean home. But for people who are too lazy to work on laundry chores regularly, laundry baskets are a must. Besides keeping our undone laundry loads organized, the laundry baskets also keep our home clean. 

For someone who hates big piles of dirty clothes, a home without laundry hampers is a nightmare. To them arranging dirty clothes might be a daunting task. African laundry baskets from Venace can save us from such tiresome tasks in an efficient way. 


Best African Laundry Baskets

The Canvas laundry baskets are quite popular on all the continents including Africa. Made using 100% pure cotton canvas, the African laundry baskets from Venace fit all décor. The retractable sturdy metal frame allows you to assemble the laundry bag on the wheels for easy sliding. The basket can, at once, carry a load of about 45Kg of laundry making it extremely perfect for domestic as well hotel laundry needs.

The versatile design makes it easy for you to use the same basket for multiple purposes. You can organize and store undone laundries as well as toys or anything that you want out of sight. The basket includes a hamper lid along with a pair of wheels to facilitate easier sliding from one room to another during laundry. With a quality hamper lid, you can store lots more than just dirty garments in the canvas basket. 

Laundry Room Storage

Popular Laundry Baskets in Africa and Dubai 

Whether you are searching for the best African laundry baskets or a good laundry basket Online Dubai, Venace shall be your one-stop solution. We are an online store offering online deliveries on a wide range of laundry bags and baskets suitable for all arrangements. We wholesale laundry baskets online Dubai in bulk orders at low prices. We are a proud virtual laundry bag supplier that specializes in selling quality laundry bags.

The following features make us a reputable supplier of laundry baskets online Dubai:

1. Focus on household storage in 10 years
2. Seiko quality allows you to use with confidence
3. Self-owned factory delivery is guaranteed
4. Professional shopping guide and after-sales
5. Self-developed and designed products, with a number of patents

The following features make our products popular in Dubai:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble laundry bags
  • Value for money quality product
  • Maximum utilization of space
  • Easy to install
  • Retractable and washable 
  • 100% pure cotton canvas bags
  • 8mm thick metal rod frame
  • Swivel wheels for smooth and hitch-free sliding
  • Ideal for domestic and hotel laundry storage


Benefits of Using a Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets are a hack to store all the dirty garments out of sight. You can think of it as a place to store your garment mess without disturbing the aesthetic beauty of your home. The following are the advantages of using laundry baskets:

  1. Managing dirty clothes becomes easy
  2. It is easy to carry laundry using laundry baskets
  3. It is easy to sort and organize garments before washing 
  4. Laundry baskets ensure optimum safety to your garments