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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs Kitchen Cabinet Replacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs Kitchen Cabinet Replacing

Updating your kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective method that helps you make sure that your kitchen is aesthetically appealing. For savvy homeowners looking to raise the value of their home, upgrading the cabinets is a cost-effective method of making your kitchen look luxurious and modern.

If you are looking for a way to renovate your cabinetry, you might be weighing two options: cabinet refacing vs replacing. Both methods are ideal for adding a fresh look to your cabinets, but which method is the best for you?

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing involves installing new drawers and doors on your existing kitchen cabinet frames. It can also involve the veneering of your cabinet boxes. Typically, you replace the old cabinet hardware with new and modern hardware. This method is less invasive and more cost-effective compared to the cabinet replacement.

Cabinet refacing is a good option if your existing cabinets are in good shape or are well-constructed. It is also great to select refacing if you love your current kitchen layout and are only interested in changing the look of your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet refacing involves the following methods:

  • Removal of cabinet doors and drawers and replacement with new ones
  • Covering the front portions of your cabinet with natural wood veneers
  • Skinning of the sides of the cabinet with laminate or wood veneer
  • Addition of new hinges such as the concealed hinges
  • Replacement of old handles, drawer pulls, or other existing cabinet fixtures

It is important to note that not all kitchen cabinets will benefit from this method. It is intrinsic to consider some elements of your cabinet, such as:

  • The cabinet box should be well constructed and in sturdy condition
  • The face frames of your cabinet should also be in sturdy condition
  • The internal hardware of the kitchen cabinet, such as the drawer tracks, should also be in good condition

What are the Advantages of Kitchen Refacing VS Replacing

Before embarking on the kitchen refacing project, it is essential to weigh the structural integrity of your cabinets. It is a cost-effective kitchen remodeling project, but it is intrinsic to approach it with due diligence. Some of the advantages of this method include:

  • Cost-effective method
  • It helps to retain the existing layout of your kitchen
  • It is a less time consuming method of upgrading your kitchen cabinets
  • You can select a variety of attractive kitchen cabinet styles in the market such as concealed hinges
  • Increase the value of your home

What is Cabinet Replacing?

Cabinet replacing involves removing existing cabinets and replacing them with new options. It is an invasive and expensive method that consists of ripping out all existing cabinets, cabinet boxes, and existing cabinet hardware and replacing them with new ones.

Cabinet replacing is a good option when there is severe structural damage on your cabinets, such as the doors are not correctly working. It is also a good option when you want to change the entire layout of your kitchen. Replacing the cabinets allows you to rearrange your kitchen layout and achieve a more modern and luxurious design.

It is important to note that cabinet refacing will not correct structural damage or any severe deterioration of the cabinet hardware. In such a scenario, cabinet replacing is the only option for your cabinet remodeling project.

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What are the Advantages of Cabinet Replacing?

There are multiple advantages of opting to swap out your existing cabinets with new and stylish cabinets. Although the method is quite expensive, it skyrockets the value of your home. Some the main advantages include:

  • Adds modern style and design in your kitchen-replacing your cabinets helps to change the existing layout of your kitchen. You can transform your kitchen from a boring traditional layout to feature a modern or contemporary look.
  • Helps in fixing severe cabinet damage; if your cabinet is severely damaged and has enormous dents, cracks, or has lost its structural integrity replacing the cabinets is the best option.
  • Increase functionality-with cabinet replacement; you can select materials that are functional and aesthetically appealing. For instance, you can opt to install concealed hinges that add functionality to your cabinet.

Key Takeaway

If you wonder about the best cabinet renovation to select, cabinet refacing vs replacing the article above answers your question. Ideally, your renovation method will depend on your specific needs and your budget. Ensure you select modern concealed hinges for your cabinets.