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A Guide to Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Brief Introduction of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

As one of the essential components of kitchen equipment, cabinet hardware plays a significant role in the cabinet. Cabinet hardware will directly affect the quality of the cabinet and our experience of use. Therefore, when renovating the kitchen, a careful selection of hardware accessories is essential. This article will introduce the types and characteristics of various kitchen cabinet hardware.

We often refer to cabinet hardware like hinges, pulls, drawer slides, gas springs, and pull-out baskets. Almost every hardware accessory every family will use.


1. Hinges

Hinges are known as the heart of the cabinet, which shows its importance. Hinges are used to connect two solids and allow the two to do a relative rotation between the mechanical device. Hinges can be constructed from removable components or collapsible materials. Hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows, and hinges are more installed on cabinets, according to the material classification is mainly divided into, stainless steel hinges and iron hinges; to allow people to get better enjoyment and the emergence of hydraulic hinges (also known as damping hinges), its characteristics are in the cabinet door to close the buffer function, to minimize the noise of the cabinet door to close the collision with the cabinet body.

kitchen cabinet pull2. Pull

Pull, the most common hardware that plays a role in opening and closing the cabinet to undertake all kinds of cabinet furniture will also be used. Currently, there are four kinds of pulls. They are plastic pulls, zinc alloy pulls, aluminum alloy pulls and stainless steel pulls. Among them, zinc alloy pulls are widely used. But most of the kitchen itself is containing corrosive seasonings, and even often sweaty hand contact will make the zinc alloy pulls become dull and less shiny. So the surface treatment technology is particularly critical for pulls. Improper plating finish is easy to occur off.

To in line with our daily use, the pull of the wall cabinets should be set in the lower corner of the cabinet door. The pulls of floor cabinets should be in the upper corner of the cabinet door. Such placements help to make a more eye-catching kitchen.

drawer slides

3. Drawer slides

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide is the kidney. Whether drawers can be smoothly pushed and pull and the load capacity of the drawers all rely on the support of the slides. From the current technology, the bottom-mounted slides are better than the side-mounted slide. Drawer slides vary widely in materials, principles, structure, technology, etc. High-quality slides have low resistance, long life, and smooth drawers. Slides are divided into roller slides, ball bearing slides, gear slides, and soft-close slides.

Ball-bearing slides are gradually replacing roller-type slides, becoming the main force of modern furniture slides. There are two, three sections ball-bearing slides. Among them, the side-mounted ball bearing slides are more commonly used because they are easy to install and space-saving. Good quality ball bearing slides can ensure smooth movement of the drawers with high load-bearing capacity. They also have a buffer system to make soft opening and closing of drawers.

gas spring

4. Gas Spring

Upturned wall cabinets in modern kitchens are becoming more and more popular. The gas spring is an essential component for an upturned cabinet. Compared with other kitchen side cabinets, upturned wall cabinets require more on the quality of the hardware. If the support force is insufficient, it will become inconvenient and unsafe to use the cabinet. A gas spring that can be stopped at will is a wise choice for you. You can turn up the cabinet door to any position, easily solving the problem of difficulty to open and close the cabinet door.

Base Cabinet Pull Out Basket with Knife Holder and Utensil Bin5. Pull-out basket

A pull-out basket is also the most practical and important accessory for kitchen cabinets including kitchen side cabinets. It usually has a large storage space, can store most of the items in the kitchen, and provide convenient access to kitchen items. Its reasonable space distinction enables you to make the most of the cabinet space. Besides pull-out baskets for floor cabinets, there are drawer pull-out baskets, hearth pull-out baskets, high-depth pull-out baskets, corner pull-out baskets, etc. Lazy susan cabinet hardware is widely used to make full use of the corner cabinets. By installing such pull-out baskets for different purposes, you can fully utilize your kitchen space.