anatomy of kitchen cabinets
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The Anatomy of a Kitchen Cabinet

What You Should Know of a Kitchen Cabinet?

In any kind of kitchen renovation project, the cabinets are like the heart of the whole design in that space. Kitchen cabinets represent the major portion of the infrastructure. Also, quality kitchen cabinets increase the look, style, and value of your kitchen including your home.

These days, you can find kitchen cabinets made from a variety of materials and unique styling. If you are wondering why some kitchen cabinets cost more, it’s because they are constructed differently. So, understanding the anatomy of kitchen cabinets helps you to get the best ones for your kitchen.

anatomy of kitchen cabinets

What makes a great kitchen cabinet?

There is no question that kitchen cabinets help to boost the overall look of your kitchen and house. It comes in handy when it comes to home resale value. However, personal satisfaction is the topmost priority because the kitchen is the center of everything in your life. Let’s discuss the things that make a kitchen cabinet amazing.

Construction materials:

Kitchen cabinets are wooden boxes that are affixed to the walls or floors. However, it doesn’t mean that they need less attention when it comes to details or applying the highest quality materials. A kitchen cabinet anatomy consists of two parts: a door and a box.

In general, cabinet boxes are made of plywood or other kinds of dense or rigid particleboard. Many companies provide melamine products over the particleboard. While particleboard might cost you less, they are easily damaged by moisture.

Melamine is a low-cost alternative and available in different quality grades. Plywood, on the other hand, performs better than ordinary solid wood. Plywood can withstand use and abuse with consistency.

Solid wooden boxes are expensive and you might have to wait for a long time to install them. Often people focus on the cabinet door because it is used more. High-quality kitchen cabinets provide unparalleled style, strength, and durability.

Cabinet back construction:

While the back construction is very much dependent on the type of project used, the back panel of a quality kitchen anatomy cabinet plays an important role in strengthening the cabinet. Also, they can impact the procedure while installing them.

The back panels that are at full height are considered the strongest of all the kitchen cabinets anatomy that you can find. And, these panels are about 3/8 inch in thickness. So, there is no question of them being the strongest.

While they might cost you more, the less expensive range of back panels consists of about 1/4 to 1/8 inches in thickness. Moreover, they have metal rails, brackets, hang rails, or even frame construction to keep them in place.

dovetail drawer boxes

Concealed hinges:

Hardware is something that many people overlook when it comes to cabinetry. They often believe that a door hinge is simply a door hinge and there is nothing special about that. However, it is not true and it is unwise not to put attention to this detail.

To begin with, concealed hinges are stylish and sturdy. Moreover, they feature the latest technology that helps to minimize the extent of damage as a result of consistent use. Low-priced hinges are loose or sometimes too tight. As such, they create a problem with the cabinet door.

Another variant called the soft-close concealed hinges is often used on high-quality kitchen cabinets. These hinges tend to eliminate the noise when the cabinet doors are shut. You can even adjust these hinges in six different ways: right, left, down, up, out, and in.

dovetail drawer slide

Drawer slides:

Those days are long gone when you are welcomed by a squeaking sound while opening the drawers. Also, drawers need very little effort to open these days. And, it is because of the drawer slides. You can find these slides along the sides or bottom of the drawers.

The smooth movement of the drawers without any kind of noise is because of the slides. Continuous use and weight on the kitchen drawers over years can lead to sticking and loud squeaking sound from the drawers.

The soft-close slides along with an under-mount material can support weight for up to 90 pounds. Also, it can prevent your fingers from getting involved while carelessly slamming the drawer. The drawer slides are very durable and sound-dampening.

Dovetail drawer box:

If you are looking for something long-lasting and durable, the dovetail drawer boxes might be the best choice. Dovetail is a kind of joinery that consists of tongue and groove joints. The tongue represents the piece of wood that sticks out and the groove denotes the space where the adjacent piece gets fitted.

The tongue looks like a dove’s tail and that’s how this design got its name. Because of the unique design, the strength of the joints comes from the piece of wood itself. And, from the wood glue attached to it.

As such, the front portion of the drawer won’t detach even if the dovetail drawer slide becomes fixed. Dovetail drawer boxes are the strongest compared to other kinds of drawers that you come across. Dovetails provide you with added stability.

Interior surface:

Apart from the stylish and mesmerizing appearance of the kitchen cabinets, the aesthetics of the cabinet both from the outside and inside depends on the level of finishes.

And, it is something that differentiates a great kitchen from a good kitchen.

Outside finishes such as a drawer handle or the color of the melamine are some of the distinguishing aspects of a great kitchen. And, they help to elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen in the most beautiful way possible.

However, the interior surface is taken into consideration as well. Generally, cabinets are made of melamine or wood veneer. Normally, veneers absorb food particles or different types of stains. Melamine is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Melamine has a neutral and soft look that brightens up the space inside the kitchen cabinet.


Depending on the kind of your renovation, you can go through these amazing options and increase the visual appearance of your kitchen. Keep in mind that one thing can impact the other and the overall look of the kitchen cabinets might take a beating. So, invest in high-quality products that will stay for a long time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]