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How to Upgrade Drawer Slides

How to Upgrade Drawer Slides

How to upgrade drawer slides? Drawer slides can be very annoying, especially when they start wearing out, making the sliding movement while closing and opening a bit hectic for the user. Drawer slides need to be replaced immediately they become old and start resisting movement. By this, movement is made smooth and easier. It is much cheaper to replace the drawers in furniture than purchasing the entire new furniture. Drawer Slides can become damaged due to different reasons. To avoid cases where they can lead to the cabinet door failure, ensure the drawers are inspected, and necessary measures are taken. There is an option of hiring an expert, but the job can be done by following simple steps. The easy-to-follow steps will simplify the whole process of installing the drawer slides. Here are steps on how to upgrade drawer slides.

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1.Remove old drawer, then the slides

You need first to remove the drawer from the boxes to remove the slides after that. To remove the drawer, you need to lift the drawer at an angle that will easily remove the drawer from its box. An angle of about 45 degrees will be reasonable, and then try tilting the drawer from side to side. You can also try slightly pushing in and out the drawer. This will make it easy for you to pull out the drawer from the box. To have an upgrade of the drawer slides, first inspect the drawer slides in place. If they are not in good working condition, then a replacement will be necessary. Come up with the right tips, and they will contribute towards replacing the drawer slides.

When removing the old slides, ensure you unscrew the screws carefully to avoid damage to the brackets. The process will take a few minutes, and it will pave the way for installing the new drawer slides. Ensure you get new drawer slides that will offer the perfect replacement. Having high-quality drawer slides is necessary to realize the best results when working on different drawer installation projects. The best drawer slides are designed to assure you of the best installation project. One of the features to check out when buying the new drawer slides is the materials. Some slides are made out of high-quality materials. They are perfect to buy and realize the best results when working on the slides.

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2.Replace the old slides with new ones

After removing the drawer from the box, carefully use a screwdriver to remove the old hardware that requires replacement from the boxes. The importance of removing the drawers from the boxes is to allow space for you to have working space comfortably. You might need to use a drill for making new holes, a pencil compass for taking measurements and marking the measurement angles, and a slotted screwdriver when driving out the nails but be careful not to tamper with the wood or not interfere with the holes. A hot gun glue would also be necessary to assemble and laminate small joints in the furniture and cabinetry. A hot glue gun gives a strong bonding in woodwork.

The new drawer slides should be the same size as the old ones. If you intend to replace the same brand, then stick to the size and dimensions given. Sometimes people prefer going for different brands of drawer slides to realize the best results when working on the drawer slides. They should get high-quality systems that will contribute to making the slides stay in position. Get high-quality drawer slides that will offer the perfect installation experience. High-quality drawer slides will always lead to the ideal results.

3.Take measurements of the new drawer slides you wish to replace

You will need a tape measure that you will use to take measurements for both the length and with of the drawer slides. Make a sketch detailed with the measurements since it’s necessary. You will also be required to measure the length of the drawer box just to ensure it fits well enough to accommodate the length of the slide.

It is essential to stick to the right sizing. The slide manufacturers will offer a clear description of the sizes and other features related to the drawer slides. Getting a drawer slide made to achieve the highest quality standards is necessary to achieve the best results when installing the drawer slides. Always ensure you get the right replacement slides. Having the wrong size will lead to stress because they will not fit well. Drawer slides come in different sizes, stick to the right size when ordering.

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4.Buying new drawer slides

When selecting drawer slides, use the measurements you took for both the drawer box and the slides of the old ones. When choosing the right size, consider the drawer’s depth. There should be reserved space between the cabinet and the drawer.

The place where to buy the new drawer slides will vary depending on several factors. For example, some sellers offer the best prices, and others can expose buyers to different types of inconveniences. Getting high-quality drawer slides is necessary to enjoy the best experience when buying the drawer slides. The drawer slides are made to meet different specifications. Go for the best specifications that can assure users the best experience.

troubleshooting drawer slide5. Installation of new slides

During installation, properly align the slides. Try out the slide alignment on the drawer box then in the drawer. Make markings while doing the alignment. Use the previous measurements also to confirm that you’ve properly aligned your slides. Ensure that all the measurements are correct and well leveled before screwing in the glides. Repairing drawers in furniture is much more expensive than purchasing new furniture.

The above are the right tips to apply when looking for ways on how to upgrade drawer slides. Buy the best drawer slides that will contribute to making buyers enjoy the best experience. Getting high-quality drawer slides is necessary. They make it easy to realize the best results. The slides should be made to achieve the highest quality standards. Buying high-quality slides is necessary to realize value for money.