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How to adjust and lift standing desk – VENACE

Standing desk is nothing new to stand-and-sit alternates. Elevations allow you to adjust everything from your sitting position to your standing position, providing maximum flexibility and support for healthy, productive work and long-term well-being. You may have been using a standing desk for a long time, but do you really know how to adjust the height of the standing desk. Today we are going to talk in detail about how to adjust and lift a standing desk.

  1. If this standing desk is for you alone

Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, your upper arms at your sides, your elbows bent as if you were typing on a keyboard (don’t stretch forward, stay comfortable), and measure the distance from the floor to the lower elbow. At work, the keyboard height should be approximately equal to or less than this height.
Stand up and take the same measurement, at least as high as your elbows when standing. If you’re short and can’t find a table that can be adjusted low enough, consider adding a footrest or keyboard bracket with adjustable height to your workstation.
Venace motorized easy to lift standing desk, in the control panel has “↑” and “↓” arrow, press the “↑” arrow until the standing desk is raised to the height you need.  Press “↓” arrow. The table down until the appropriate height after the release of the button.

control box display
  1. If this standing desk is used by several people

When you think of the appropriate height, press the M key on the control box, when the display flashes, press the number key “1”, this position will be saved by the system. As long as you press the key “1”, the lift standing desk will automatically adjust to your appropriate position when you use this standing desk again. By repeating the above procedure, Venace’ standing desk can save 4 positions.

  1. If this standing desk is purchased for a project.

In this case, you need to take into account that employees may come and go, and that desks may be used by people performing different tasks or shifts, so you need to choose the maximum range of adjustments. Venace’s Standing Desk , composed of three stages, dual motors, supports height up to 51″ high and up to 78″ wide of desktop. If you are a dealer, we suggest you consider Venace’s intelligent easy to lift standing desk, professional design team to meet customer customized needs, for your product uniqueness to provide support.