3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Class 2
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How to Install Roller Drawer Slides

How to Install Roller Drawer Slides

There are plenty of people wondering what is a frameless cabinet. Frameless cabinets are cabinet designs that are a little bit more contemporary than usual. It would be a lot better if you have roller drawer slides in there as that will make life a lot easier than what is happening right now. After all, you would want to be a good role model for the other people living in the house. As much as you would think installing roller drawer slides is a bit hard, it is actually easy as long as you follow the steps. Believe it or not, there are only 5, and here are the necessary things to do in order to achieve it:

3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slide

Separate the Members

In order to separate the members from each other, you would just need to locate the levers within it. When you’ve seen one you know that all of them pretty much look and feel the same. When you finally located the lever, lift it and pull the members out of there. Be sure to put these things in a safe place because you know you are going to use them a little bit later on.

Install Outer Member

Use a screwdriver and install it in a way that you would want to as it would be great to install it really tight. Remember to go in a clockwise manner as doing a counter-clockwise tightening would not really tight it but the other way around. There is a reason the horizontal slots are there and that is where you will put the outer member.

3 Section Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Class 2

Install Inner Member

You will pretty much do the same thing when it comes to installing the inner member. Now comes the time when you would attach the roller slide into place. Since it is already there, this step is a lot easier than the previous one. If the previous step took a few minutes then this one should only take a few seconds so you can anticipate the one that will inch you closer to getting this one done.

Put Cabinet In

Put the frameless cabinets right there until you know that it is finally a good fit. It is possible you will need the help of another person to lift the cabinet. Better ask the other people living in your house a bit nicely so that you would not have any problems lifting the drawer to fit in the cabinet. There will still be some estimating as to how it would fit in there. The ball should be fully forward though.

Put Drawer in Place

Place additional screws that would really put the drawer steady in there. Of course, that would depend on the number of screw holes that aare there so be on the lookout for that. After all, you would not want it to feel a bit too light considering the fact that you just put it right there. Open and close the drawer to see if it is already up to par with your expectations. After all, you would want to benefit from this all in the right manner.

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