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How to Fix Drawer Slides

How to Fix Drawer Slides

Fixing drawer slides requires a screwdriver, wood glue, wooden matches, hammer, pliers, and other items. Several issues can lead to drawer slides failing. Start by identifying the cause of the drawer slides to jam, then apply the right fix. Lack of lubrication can make them fail. In such a case, the application of soap a lubricant will solve the issue. For bent slides, strengthening them can be a great way to avoid the stress of having to replace them. Fixing the drawer slides is an easy task that can be accomplished at home. Some of the quick steps to follow and fix them are:

how to fix drawer slides

Empty the Drawer

The first step to take on how to fix drawer slides involves removing items from the drawer. A drawer slide will not be repaired when there are still items in the drawer; they can get damaged. Look for another drawer, or place the items on the shelf before the repair process starts. After removing the items, inspect the drawer slide to note any issue that may require fixing. Pull the drawer slide slowly to note areas where it is sticking. Identify the issue to solve it. Handel delicate items carefully.

Applying Soap on Drawer Slides

After inspecting the drawer slides, there may not be visible signs of damaged slide or areas where it is bent. Maybe the surfaces are too right, leading to increased friction that prevents the slides from opening. Apply soap to the surfaces to make them open easily. Apply bar soap to the surfaces or look for a lubricant that cannot mess the drawer. Some drawers may have developed strange noises making you opt to repair them. Ensure the right lubricant is applied, and it will solve the issues of excessive noise in the home.

Tighten the Screws

Maybe the screws are loose, making the drawers stick to the surfaces. Apply glue to the joints between the drawer slides and the cabinet. The drawer slides should be firmly fixed to avoid being exposed to vibrations that can lead to strange noises or get stuck as they move along the joints. It is possible to get glue from the local hardware shop or order it online. Ensure the screws are tightened just enough. Too much can lead to splitting the wood.

Clean the drawer tracks

Accumulation of dirt and dust on the drawer track can lead to difficulty opening and closing the drawers. Remove the dirt through the application of a knife. The clear drawer tracks will allow free movement of the drawer slides and lead to easy opening and closing of the drawers. Apply a small amount of household cleaner to keep the surfaces clean.

Inspect Drawer Rollers

The rollers may have been damaged, leading to difficulty opening and closing. Check the drawer rollers for any damage. In some cases, they will need lubrication to make them work. Ensure the rollers are in good condition. An option can be to place an order and get new rollers from nearby shops. The rollers will contribute to making the system open smoothly.

Reconnect the Drawer Slides

After the assembly has been carefully screwed and issues fixed, the final step involves returning them for home openers to continue working in the kitchen. Returning them is simple, insert the drawer between the slides, then push them back slowly. They will slide into position to secure the items. Inspect the slides and note any issues. If they are working well, then the process of repairing them is over. It is good to ensure the drawer slides are in perfect working condition. They avoid incidences where items can spill in the kitchen due to failing drawer slides.

The steps above are the most effective on how to fix drawer slides. Follow them to save money when repairing the drawer slides. They are easy to fix at home. Many people interested in repairing the drawer slides follow the procedure. It is an easy way to get the drawer slides fixed at home. A home with all drawer slides working makes family members happy as they are cooking. Have a regular inspection of the drawer slides to fix any issue that may come up before it is too late.