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How To Choose The Right Drawer Slide

Choosing the appropriate drawer slide is essential for ensuring smooth functionality and durability in any cabinetry project. With various types and features available, understanding the differences is key to making an informed decision. The main drawer slides includes soft close drawer slides, self close and push to open drawer slides. This guide will walk you through the critical elements to consider when selecting the perfect drawer slides for your specific needs.

Types of Drawer Slides

Side-Mount Drawer Slides

Side-mount slides are a popular choice because their simplicity in installation and usage. These slides attach to the sides of drawers and the cabinetry, offering reliable performance.



Undermount Drawer Slides

Concealed beneath the drawer, undermount slides save space and offer slightly more storage inside the drawer. They provide smooth and quiet operation, ideal for high-end cabinetry projects.





Bottom-Mount Drawer Slides

Bottom-Mount is an older design that used as replacement for older cabinets. These slides run down the middle of the drawer and they are typically available in 3/4 extension. They have limited weight capacity.




Types of Motion Features

Understanding the motion features of drawer slides is crucial to meeting specific requirements.

Soft Close Drawer Slides

Soft close slides gently and silently close the drawer, preventing slamming and preserving the life of the cabinetry. We highly recommend you to use it in kitchen and furniture projects.

Self Close Drawer Slides

Self-close slides provides effortless closing and convenience. They don’t need to

When users push the drawer in, they don’t need to pull the drawer again to close because the drawer with self-close slides would automatically close.

Push to Open Drawer Slides

Drawers with push-to-open slides are easy to access. We can just push the drawers front to relase and open, leaving us hands-free experience.

How To Measure Drawer Slides

Accurate measurements are fundamental for ensuring the perfect fit of drawer slides. Here are 3 types of extensions you should consider when measuring the drawer slides.

Types of Extensions

  • 3/4 Extension:

We can open the drawer to three-quarters of its length, which  means that the drawer box only extends about 75% of the length of the slide.




  • Full Extension:

Slides that provide access to the entire drawer length, offering full visibility and convenience.




  • Over-Travel:

Slides that extend beyond the full length of the drawer, providing maximum access to the drawer’s content.


over-travel extension


Slide Length (Measuring Guide)

Measuring the slide length accurately is essential to ensure a precise fit for the slides. Take the necessary measurements of both the drawer and the cabinet to determine the required length.

Special Needs of Drawer Slides

Consider specific requirements when choosing drawer slides:

Weight Capacity: Ensure the slides can accommodate the expected load without compromising functionality.

Material and Finish: Choose the appropriate material and finish to match the design aesthetics and durability needs.

Environmental Factors: Consider environmental conditions like moisture, temperature, and exposure to chemicals that might affect the slides’ performance.

In conclusion, selecting the right drawer slides involves careful consideration of various factors. Whether it’s for kitchen renovations, furniture construction, or commercial installations, understanding these critical elements will guide you toward making an informed and suitable choice. Make sure to match the functionality and features of the drawer slides with the specific needs of your project to achieve the desired results.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped to select the ideal drawer slides for your project. Ensuring functionality, durability, and a seamless user experience for buyers.

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