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How to Choose the Right Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides

How to Choose the Right Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides

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Ball-bearing drawer slides are made for different purposes. When shopping for the cabinet parts, ensure the category of products fits the desired project specification. Check out features such as the length of the slides. Large drawers may require longer slides. Considering issues such as the type is another big issue to check out. Some slides are made for specific types of cabinets. Check out the general design of the cabinets, and it will simplify the process of searching for the slides. Getting a high-quality slide contributes to getting the job done. The slides should be durable enough to last long and avoid frequent repairs at home. Common factors to check out when buying ball bearing drawer slides are:

1.Confirm Type

There are several types of drawer slides. Homeowners can go for bottom-mounted, center-mounted, side-mounted or under-mounted slides. The different types can work on specific projects. Consider the project design photos when choosing the slides. It becomes easy to get the perfect slide after comparing the different types. Some projects can require ground-mounted slides. Sticking to the project specification is crucial in locating the perfect slides. They will assure homeowners of the best results when handled the right way.

Undermount Drawer Slides

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Measure the length of the drawers before buying the slides. The slides are made to fit different sizes of drawers. For those who are trying to fix small drawers, they can go for small slides. Take care not to buy an oversized or a small size because it will require replacement or modification that can make it lose its durability. Working closely with the drawer design photos increases the chances of getting the perfect slides that can serve the purpose well.

3.Loading Capacity

Some drawer is loaded, and the slide will have to bear the weight. To avoid incidents where the slides fail and lead to costly repairs, check out the maximum weight allowed for a given slide. The slides come with labels about the maximum weight they can accommodate. Ensuring the weight limit is not exceeded is crucial to getting the job done perfectly. Always consider slides that are built to meet the highest specifications to ensure the drawers where the parts will be used can achieve the highest level of durability.


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The appearance of the slides is a key issue to check out when working on projects where aesthetic value has been given great consideration. The slides come in different designs that aim at improving the general look of the drawers in the kitchen or office. Check out the several designs available before buying. They are made to fit different interior themes. Work with an interior design if the project is ongoing to know the perfect slides that can work in a given setup. Get the best slides, and they will ensure the drawers are durable to serve the purpose.


The slides should come in smooth construction so that they can slide over the surface easily. Check out the level of smoothness available in a given slide before installing it. Carpenters are involved in installing slides regularly. Asking them about the quality of slides they can apply increases the chances of making the right decision.


The slides are available in different structures. Go for a structure that can work for a given drawer installation. A closer look at the drawers one intends to install can reveal the right structure. Adhere to the right structure, and it will be easy to get the project done fast. Ask expert advice in case it is not clear.


The slides should open and close the drawers without noise. Check out the noise level in a given slide to know whether it is the best to buy or opt for other available options. In most cases, a slide that has smooth surfaces will not make a lot of noise. Remember, family members will not be comfortable hearing the noise each time the drawer is opened and closed.

bearing drawer slides8.Material Thickness

The different materials used to make the slides will offer different levels of strength. Going for a durable material such as steel that is thick will make the slides last longer. The aesthetic appeal brought about by the materials and finish is another issue to check out.

Go for the best ball bearing drawer slides that can last longer and fit the project well.