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How To Choose Dish Racks

How To Choose Dish Racks

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Are stained utensils and wet countertops bothering you? Do you like to bid goodbye to them and organize your kitchen in a better way? If you are a person washing all the dishes by hand then you might also know the difficulty that comes with drying the vessels. Dish racks are the best way to dry your wet utensils. Recent times have brought about a revolution in dishwashing racks. Now is the time to say goodbye to your old kitchen racks and embrace the new ones. Here are a few things you may need to check before you buy the dish racks.

Check for its adaptability

While you buy a dish rack, you may want it to solve a purpose more than just drying the dishes. The modern racks are equipped with compartments and high-end features. If you are able to place your hand on a kitchen rack that is of superior quality and won’t rust easily then that is the key. Most of the racks today come with a hook where you can hang spoons and table cloths. You may be allured by the kind of adaptability the kitchen rack has and you may be eager to assemble it. So, before you assemble or even order one, check for the size. There are various plastic dish racks, stainless steel dish racks, and dish racks of other materials easily available in the market. You may choose a material that best suits you.

The size matters

Before you order a dish rack check the size of the rack. See, if you have enough place for the rack to be placed in the kitchen. A dish drying rack may occupy ample space. However, if you have a bigger kitchen and more dishes, then you may opt for a bigger rack. On the other hand, if you have limited space, then go for a dish rack that’s of medium size.

The capacity of the rack

Some racks may be big but they may not be able to hold so many dishes. So, you have to order or buy a rack that can hold dishes as per its capacity. Some medium-sized racks may hold many dishes and have better capacity. So, check for the capacity of the rack and the number of dishes it can hold at a time for drying. This is something that matters the most.

Choose the right material

Dish racks are made with different materials. You may have options to choose from. While you choose the material of the rack, you have to see if the material is easy to clean. Durability is the next factor you may have to see if you are purchasing a rack. If you opt for a plastic rack, then you may see that plastic racks are lighter and easier to handle compared to stainless steel racks. Plastic is easier to clean and doesn’t get stained quickly. But it is possible that plastic racks may break easily.

Stainless steel racks, on the other hand, are heavy compared to plastic ones. They are durable, easy to handle, and clean, and they are long-standing. It is not so easy for a steel rack to break. And, the advantage is that you can use it for a longer time. Stainless steel racks may be a little expensive but it’s worth the money.

Decide on the placement

The next thing you may have to look into is the placement of the rack. You have to place the rack in a position that is the best fit. You may have to place it near the sink or in a place where you can wipe off the water easily. The better way is to place it in the sink or around it. This will help you avoid any hassle. Include a spout when you decide to place the racks on either side. Place the rack comfortably on a side considering you are more left or right-handed. Place it in a way that does not leave a stain on your countertop.

Now, that you have read it, it is sure that the above points will help you make a better decision when it comes to buying a dish rack. Who doesn’t like to have a kitchen that is well organized?