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How To Adjust Self Closing Cabinet Hinges

how to adjust self closing cabinet hinges

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Self closing cabinet hinges are one of the most popular types of cabinet hinges in the market today. They are softer and more flexible than traditional hinges, and they absorb the shock created by the cabinet door slamming against the frame. They are popular because homeowners don’t want to think about going back and closing a cabinet door because it didn’t settle on its frame. Self closing cabinet hinges eliminate that need, allowing people to go on to other things without having to bump into a cabinet door that has been left slightly open.

If you assume that knowing how to install self closing cabinet hinges is enough, then you are wrong. Due to the stress and shock that these cabinet hinges receive daily, they get worn down and get slightly off-kilter, which causes the cabinet doors to not close correctly. So, how to adjust self closing hinges? Here are a few steps on how to adjust self closing cabinet hinges and avoid having a cabinet door that doesn’t settle against its frame properly.

The Adjustment Process for Self Closing Cabinet Hinges

There are three ways on how to adjust self closing cabinet hinges: the up and down adjustment, the in and out adjustment, and the side-to-side adjustment.

How to Adjust Hinge


  1. Side-to-side adjustment – Use a screwdriver to turn the front screw clockwise. This will bring the hinge-bearing side of the cabinet door closer to the cabinet. Make slow and small turns to prevent the screw from losing its thread, which might cause the entire hinge to fall apart.
  2. Up and down adjustment – When the cabinet door moves downward, leaving a gap at the top between the door and the frame, it’s time to make an up and down adjustment. Use a screwdriver to turn the screw on the center hinge. Move counterclockwise to move down and clockwise to move the screw up. Again, do not use a lot of force. Small movements are necessary to keep the screw threaded.
  3. In and out adjustment – Use a screwdriver to turn the rear screw using a counterclockwise movement to bring the door and the frame together. Alternately, if the door and the frame are too close to each other, use a clockwise motion to give a little slack.
how to adjust self closing cabinet hinges

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How to Adjust Self Closing Hinges

With these in mind, here are the specific steps on how to adjust self closing cabinet hinges.

Self closing hinges often have an adjustment tab or lever, which you can push to keep the hinges aligned. You can also rotate this tab depending on how you want your door to settle. Make sure that the tab is always facing the ceiling of the cabinet, which ensures that the cabinet door is settled perfectly against the frame. However, for more drastic adjustments, having a screwdriver is always a must.

Step 1. Check for any loose or missing screws.

Constant movement can cause some screws to loosen and eventually fall off. Tighten any screws that seem loose, and replace any missing screw.

Step 2. Apply oil or lubricant on the hinge.

This eliminates any dirt or rust build-up that may accumulate on the hinges, causing them not to close properly. Wipe down any excess liquid with a clean and dry cloth.

Lubricate the Hinge

Step 3. Remove the hinge from the cabinet and soak them.

If the hinges still aren’t working after the first two steps, remove them from the cabinet and soak them in a mixture of hot water and liquid detergent overnight. Wipe it down thoroughly before reinstalling it.

Remove Hinge

Step 4. Call a professional.

If nothing else works, call a professional. Sometimes it’s better to leave it to the experts because trying to fix a hinge unsurely might cause it to break even more, and you’d have to purchase a new one. It’s easier to hire a professional and have them take care of the hinge.

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Self closing hinges are the hidden wonders of cabinets all around the home. They are invisible to people since they are installed on the inside of the cabinets, and they close on their own, allowing you to move on to other things without dwelling too much on closing your cabinet doors. Self closing cabinet hinges are made to be sturdy despite being made from soft and flexible materials. The mechanism is a wonder for homeowners and professional cabinet installers everywhere since they do not require much maintenance. A few adjustments here and there and a little oil will have the hinges going for a long time. After knowing how to adjust self closing hinges, now you can enjoy the satisfying experience of using them.