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How To Adjust Soft Close Hinge Speed

How To Adjust Soft Close Hinge Speed

The soft close cabinets are now a popular and modern innovation for your kitchen drawer and countertop. The soft close hinge ensures that you can close the cabinet doors softly, quietly, and without making too much noise. You can close the cabinet door softly without slamming it and making a loud noise. So, soft close hinges can make your life easy and hassle-free. But many times, you may find that the soft close hinge is not working properly. So, as you can see there are so many cases while you feel the urge to adjust the speed of the soft close hinge. You should know how to adjust soft close hinge speed.

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You should find out the right way how to adjust soft close hinge speed. So, let’s go and discover different ways to solve these problems.

Here are some tips on how to adjust the speed of a soft close hinge:

If you are lucky enough then, adjusting the soft close cabinet hinge speed is enough for smooth operating of your kitchen drawers and cabinet. But if the problem is a little more serious then, you need to spend some time solving these matters.

Can soft close doors and drawers be adjusted?

You can close these doors and drawers perfectly if they are installed properly. The main problem will arise if the doors and drawers are not installed and fitted properly. The drawer may be built out of a square. So, these are primary problems if you notice any kinds of obstructions and hassle at the time of closing soft close door hinges.

How to adjust soft close hinge speed? Here are some steps that you need to follow:

  1. You should know that there are two types of hinges– insert and surface-mounted. If you have an insert mounted hinge then, your cabinet doors and drawers are installed differently than surface-mounted hinges.
  2. You need to push the lever and the tab with enough pressure and tension. You can resolve this problem of soft close hinge adjustment in this way. The pressure and tension will act simultaneously to smoothly do the whole closing process. You need to make sure that it is placed sideward of your cabinet. So, before pushing, you will have to check that as well.
  3. You can adjust your cabinet door and drawer with the medium hinge setting. So, if you want to adjust the hinge of the soft close door then, you will have to turn and adjust the lever in a clockwise direction. So, it will point towards the ceiling. You need to keep a gap of 10 millimeters or about an inch between the tab and hinges while adjusting. You will have to adjust the speed by pulling the perfect amount of force.
  4. It is necessary to calibrate the cabinet doors so that you can close them easily without slamming it and making a loud noise. You will have to make sure that the hinge is set perfectly. You will have to rotate the adjustment lever 90 degrees clockwise so that the hinge will be facing towards the floor.
  5. You will have to check the cabinet door by opening and closing it several times. You can experiment with the soft close hinge and set the perfect and required speed for each cabinet door and drawer.

Normal soft close hinge adjustment:

Lateral adjustment

Lateral adjustment

Front to back adjustment

Front to back adjustment

Vertical adjustment

Vertical adjustment








You will have to keep in mind these necessary tips

  • You will have to determine the period while a person opens a door until it will open fully.
  • You will have to fetch out the time of opening the door with soft close hinges.
  • The original setting of soft close hinges will be multiplied by the adjustment factor. You can also set up a slower speed if you want so.

Major concerns

You need to consider the operation of the soft close hinge and you will have to be habituated with the opening and closing process. Another major concern is its visual alignment. So, the proper installation of the soft close hinge doors is very much necessary. The misalignment can be a big issue that you cannot handle and set perfectly. If you have the most visible and perfect kitchen cabinet then, you will have to check whether it is perfectly installed or not. The misalignment will look off in your beautiful and well-decorated kitchen area. But if your hinges are old enough then, it will need your attention. You need to check it and repair it as well. You can also replace them with new ones.

Use a screwdriver

you can use a screwdriver to straighten the crooked doors of the cabinet. If you notice that one or both kitchen cabinet doors are not aligned perfectly then, you will have to use the screwdriver to solve the issue. If the cabinet doors are not closed properly then, you will have to reattach the cabinet doors and drawers and reinstall them with the help of a screwdriver.


Modify the hinge

You will have to push the adjustment lever or tab so that it stays perfectly and retracted. If you have the lever mechanism tool then, you will have to make sure that it faces towards the wall of the cabinet. You will have to push in the adjustment all the way. You need to keep a gap between the hinges and the tab. It will help you to operate the door smoothly and without any hassle.

how to adjust soft close hinge speed

If the soft close hinges are not operating smoothly then, you will have to call the mechanic. You can modify the soft-close hinges. After adjusting, you can open and close the soft-close hinge without any hassle. You will not face any difficulties as well. You will have to check until your hinges will work perfectly and make no sound. The soft close hinges are popular because of their calm and quiet features. You should check the installation to get an uninterrupted procedure. If you still face trouble opening and closing soft close hinges then, you should call an experienced and skilled mechanic to fix the issue and resolve the problem.