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How Long Does It Take to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

How Long Does It Take to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

While on a renovation or creation project, one must know that there’s no time limit. The same goes for kitchen remodeling projects. So, how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets? A lot of factors determine the time to complete tasks enlisted. You could be simply replacing your cabinets or reinstalling new tiles on the floor. You could also be doing everything right by replacing appliances and installing a new sink, faucets, lights, and cabinets. Based on the enormity of your project besides the manpower that you hire, the time to be taken to complete the project shall vary. 

how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets

How LongDoes the Kitchen Cabinet Installation Process Take?


One of the most time-consuming tasks in renovating kitchens is the installation of cabinets. It usually takes about 3-4 days to complete the installation process of the cabinetries. But that doesn’t include the time takes to remove the old cabinets. Also, the kitchen cabinets are always incomplete until the countertop is done. You would also want to count the time spent on marking electrical outlets and adjusting plumbing. So, all in all, it can take, at least, a couple of weeks to complete your cabinet renovation project. 

Factors Determining How Long Does It Take to Install Kitchen Cabinets

As mentioned above, a lot of factors determine the timeline of your kitchen remodeling project. This article shall explore those factors and how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets. 

Size of the Kitchen

The thumb rule is, “the bigger the kitchen or the enormous the project, the longer it shall take to complete the process.” For a household with a 10×10 kitchen, it would take as much time as for a kitchen significantly big. A cabinet remodeling project could also mean replacing just the pieces of hardware used. But it could also mean removing and replacing them. And that could have a great influence on your project completion date. 

Tasks in Hand

If you are to use RTA cabinets (also known as ready to assemble cabinets), you would require too much time. Just assembling all the pieces correctly to affix the cabinet shall do. But if your project is to remove the old cabinets and replace them with brand new ones besides renovating the countertop or floor, it might take longer than you expect.

Special Features

Creating the cabinetries with special features isn’t easy. It could mean working on smart cabinetry with smart features like soft-close, self-close, push-to-open. But it could also mean constructing custom-made doors, exclusive hardware, etc. 

And acquiring these things might take time slightly more than usual.

Change Requests

There are times when a home improvement project faces unnecessary delays because the hardware acquired isn’t the right one. You will be requesting the supplier for exchange and return services. This shall again consume more of your time and delay the overall installation process.

Manpower Hired

It would take as much time for 2-3 men to install the same cabinetry as for one man. The manpower that you hire also determines how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets or complete the entire project.


What could probably rule your entire project like the budget?

This one factor rules every other thing in the project. A kitchen renovation project with an abundance of the budget shall hire more manpower and get speedy deliveries of hardware. It shall lead to the quick completion of the project. But the same shall not be the case with a project with a tight budget.