How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take

How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take

How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take

You’ve finally realized that your old kitchen just doesn’t cut it anymore, the design looks old, worn and you just want to get more out of it from a practical point of view.

One of the questions you’re probably asking yourself at this point is how long does a kitchen remodel take?

Let’s talk about each stage of the remodeling process so you can get a better understanding of what your timetable is going to look like throughout so you can get back to preparing beautiful meals for your family as soon as possible…

How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take

Why remodeling takes time

We’ve all seen the TV shows that show off great kitchen remodeling designs, but because it’s condensed into a 30-minute episode, we don’t see the actual reality of what is happening.

Because of this, we might even believe that our own kitchen remodeling will be just as quick!

Of course, this is not reality.

There is a lot that goes into kitchen remodeling which takes time, not to mention unforeseen issues that can’t really be accounted for but definitely affect the time frame of the whole thing.


Perception Vs Reality

As mentioned above, real life isn’t a TV show, so things don’t just happen overnight as they appear to do so.

There are plenty of things that can make your kitchen remodeling last longer:

  • An inexperienced kitchen designer or contractor
  • Unrealistic expectation as a homeowner
  • Change orders after the planning phase increased delivery time and caused problems for the original timetable.

Though some renovations can be completed quickly, it all really depends on the scope of the remodel as well as how much planning has been put into it.


The Planning Phase

This is a step that is really up to you.

Whether you’re working with a specialist or you’re going off on your own, it could take days, months, or even years to get the planning sorted for your kitchen remodel.

There is no right or wrong way to do it since after all, this is your kitchen and your home.

So you can do with the space as you please.

But as a general rule of thumb, we suggest that you do not rush this phase and try to spend as much time as possible, not only thinking about the finished product but thinking about how you’re going to get there – planning every step of the way.


Finding the right contractor for your kitchen remodel

Again, this is something that could take a while but is definitely worth it since they are as important as the planning phase is to your project; if you don’t choose the right one, then you’re going to have delay after delay and maybe you won’t get a finished kitchen after all.

When looking for a contractor, you need to consider referrals from friends, set up meetings with the ones you like, know how much they are going to charge and if they can take on your project within the given timeline.


Removing the old kitchen

The following step after you have settled on the entirety of your plan is for the current kitchen to be taken out.

This destruction stage incorporates eliminating your current cupboards, ground surface, appliances, and countertops.

This will ordinarily take 2 or 3 days but will mostly never take longer than this.


Marking out your plan

One of the significant parts of redesigning a kitchen is knowing where everything is going to fit.

You should mark out things like plugs to apparatus power so that when you get your electrician round then he/she knows exactly what they need to do.

Not only does this make their lives easier, which they’ll be thankful for, it will also act as a way for you to speed up the process of their duties.

This means you can get your kitchen remodeling finished quicker.


Plumbing and Electrics installed

This stage of the kitchen remodeling can take a little less than a week but of course, you should always make sure that you leave a bit of room for extra time if any unforeseen issues come up.

Specifically, in this part of the redesign, the necessary plumbing and electrical are installed.

If you mark out your plans, as suggested previously, this could be done a lot quicker!


Time for the flooring to be installed

Of course, you’re going to need your flooring down before you even think about getting your kitchen installed, for obvious reasons.

Now the type of flooring you choose is going to be the big deciding factor on how long something like this can take to complete; ceramic tiles can take from 3 to 5 days where wood flooring could take a couple more than that.

These are of course averages, but it does at least give you an idea of the time frame.

The easiest way to know how long this will take for your kitchen remodeling project is by simply asking whoever is going to be fitting the flooring for you.


The Exciting part: Cabinets and Countertops

By far the most exciting part of the whole process, since this is where things start to finally look like the kitchen you planned it to be!

Cabinets are going to be fitted by your contractor to ensure they are the perfect fit and your countertops are added to give you plenty of room to prepare food.

Depending on how many hands on deck, this could take anywhere from a week to 2 weeks.


Finishing touches

All necessities have been installed, but some plumbing fixtures still need to be added and perhaps your walls need a lick of paint to match the new look of the remodeled kitchen.

There’s no real-time farm on this since it depends what you’ve got left to do but when you’re at this point, you’re on the homestretch!


The final stage

In this part of the remodeling, everything is done, except appliances that need adding to your kitchen as well as electrical fixtures which have not yet been added in the previous phase.



Overall, as discussed, there is a lot that goes into a kitchen remodel, and the time scale can change from project to project.

But ultimately, we would say that the answer to the question; “how long to remodel a kitchen?” would be from 6 to 8 weeks for your kitchen to be ripped out and remodeled.