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The Complete Home Office Checklist

With many of us now working from home, our home office equipment is everything. So today I have formulated a home office checklist so that we can be sure that we have everything we need to get started. Once we start to work from home we will never return to the office, so it is necessary to set ourselves up with the required office furniture and other equipment. In many ways, working from home causes us to work longer hours because there is no commute, so we will start by looking at what can keep us healthy and safe while working from home.

home office checklistYour Desk and Chair, Home Office Checklist

Just because we are working from home does not mean that Work, Health, and Safety (WH&S), need not apply. Being comfortable with a good ergonomic desk and chair is essential, so to start take a look at the ‘sit-stand desks’. Sit-stand desks offer flexibility in helping you to do your best work, as it is unhealthy to be sitting down in your home office all day. Given the design of the desk, you are able to change between sitting and standing with ease. Your ergonomic converter will adjust to support whatever you decide to do.

Using a sit to stand desk lowers your risk of health problems and a desk-mounted monitor arm will adjust the level of your work so that no strain is involved. Your desk will probably include the following for ease of switching between positions.


  • Height adjustable workstations for ergonomic use.
  • helps to increase blood flow to extremities by standing up frequently.
  • Modern designs with easy height adjustment.
  • The desk is on wheels to move it around the room.
  • Shelves and keyboard trays, and adjustable monitor mounts are an option.

This is geared to allow you to move and encourage you not to sit for too long in one place but when you do sit you will require a well-designed office chair.


Best Products to Order for Home Office Checklist

The sit-stand desk is one of the best selling products, and everyone wants one, and while you are ordering get your chair as well, as you won’t want to stand all day. Once your sit-stand desk arrives from Amazon is easy to erect, as per instructions, and of good quality. The sit /stand desk legs and tabletop all in one are a good option for your home office. The tabletop contains pre-punched holes and can be installed in 10-15 minutes and raised easily to the correct height. The pure white tabletop and frame are perfect for the home office space and the control panel will save four positions. The chair, also ordered is ergonomic and comfortable and you will be able to sit in it for 5 hours if necessary without causing any damage to your body.

Advantages of the Sit-Stand Desk

  • Single motor lift to provide the right height between 28″-47″. very easy to change the height to suit what you are doing.
  • Stable square legs.
  • LED Backlight control panel
  • Button to control the height setting.
  • Frame and accessories for the desktop are part of the package and make everything much neater.

Establish your Home Office Checklist Routine

When you are working from home, it is even more important to get up and move, so at 10:30 I have a routine of leaving the building to go to the next-door coffee shop, this only takes 20 minutes and allows some movement and change of scenery.

At lunchtime, walk further, for 20 minutes each way to the noodle bar, or salad bar, and this allows for exercise while obtaining food, and having some interaction with other people, always important. Then return to the office and work for another four hours. When in an air-conditioned apartment all day it is necessary to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Your Home Office Checklist

When you are setting up your office the following items are all important, and you will need to check the following.

  • Good lighting, both overhead and a desk lamp
  • A printer, either laser with color is preferable.
  • The scanner is often inbuilt.
  • Cabinet for storage of files and documents.
  • Floor cable protector, especially if you have pets, you don’t want them biting the cable.
  • Desk and Desk riser
  • Two chairs, one for you and one for visitors
  • Folding lectern for desk brochure display
  • Monitor arm to attach to desk
  • Rubbish bin
  • Recharging station for iPad and mobile cell phones.
  • Pen trays
  • Small desk cabinet to store photocopy paper and ink cartridges, order the one on wheels.
  • Artwork for your office walls frame your qualifications.
  • Pot plant to purify the air.
  • Air purifier to keep your air clean and filtered.
  • Good window coverings to eliminate noise from outside.

Your Home Office Checklist Networking

When you are working from home, networking with other people is even more important. You can either do the networking via zoom or go out to the coffee shop or juice bar and meet up with others. It is important to stay connected, as we become isolated without contact. Meeting with fellow workers can trigger some stimulating conversation and generate ideas. Depending on what sort of work you do, there are currently many people working from home, and some of them do struggle to maintain a social connection.

Another good idea is to join a designated business group like a Chamber of Commerce or industry-based organization.


Working from home is here to stay, so it makes perfect sense to order the best equipment that you can get online, and if you want to buy an adjustable desk in bulk that you can order from Venace.

This way you will get everything on your home office checklist sorted in one order.

When your order comes the sit-stand desk is very easy to erect and well thought out and designed with the user in mind. You will wonder why you have been at home for a year and haven’t placed the order sooner, because your work life will become a whole lot easier, and much more organized.