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A Guide for Healthy Gaming Posture

You will be sitting in one position for a long time during gaming, so the best posture for gaming will be extremely important. An ergonomically designed chair will be of the utmost importance. A good chair will ensure that you maintain the best gamer posture. Today we will have a look at your ergonomic desk and your ergonomic chair to make sure they are fit for your purpose.

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Gaming Sitting Position, Your Desk

You are considering a standing/ sitting desk this is an excellent choice, as it will enable you to move up and down. This is much better for your health rather than just sitting still. Venace Intelligent Technology has the right product for you, and there are many advantages to be gained from the Sit to Stand Desk.


  • The single motor mechanism adjusts the height between 28″-47″, in one easy operation allowing you to sit or stand.
  • Has 2 stage square shape legs for stability.
  • An LED control panel displays the height of the desk.
  • It has a digital memory with four height settings controlled by a button.
  • It comes with a desktop frame and accessories for fast installation.

You are at your desk gaming, this will give you quick access to some movement (up and down), without actually having to leave the gaming table. The Vision Statement for the Company is ‘Better Life, Better Price, and this is true of the sit to stand desk


  • The biggest advantage is that it is suitable for custom panels, and its table width can be adjusted from 42.3″ – 70.8″, which is suitable for putting three gaming monitors at the same time.
  • The dual motor lift mechanism provides smoother height adjustments from 25″-50″, is easily operated, and motorized to sit or stand while working.
  • 3-stage Legs are in rectangular thicker shape.
  • LED backlight control panel constantly displays the height of the desktop.
  • Programmable digital memory with 4 height settings by managing the button on the controller; Configure the accurate adjustment automatically with the Stand Up Table.

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Gamer Posture

Best Gamer Posture, Your Chair for Best Gaming Sitting Position

While sitting at your gaming desk you will need to observe good ergonomic posture, this is quite complex. I will detail it in point form for easy reading.

  • The Neck should be straight.
  • Relax the shoulders and let the arms drop naturally.
  • Your body should have full contact between the backrest and the back.
  • The elbows and forearms should be placed on the arm of the chair or on the working surface
  • The lower back should fit into the curve of the chair.
  • Tension gives ongoing support and encourages a smooth change of posture.
  • The top monitor should be at eye level.
  • The screen should be between 20″ and 30″ from the eyes.
  • When keying content wrists should be straight.
  • The feet should be flat on the footpads.
  • The thighs should be parallel to the ground.
  • You are able to stand or sit, it allows for a healthy posture.
  • The monitor should be 20″ to 30″ from the eyes, or one arm’s length away.

In many work-places, there are experts that will come around and monitor all this for you. At home, you are on your own, and for the sake of your health, it is important that you get everything right. So to best maintain your gamer posture sitting position, follow the above directions when sitting in your new chair.

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Best Gamer Posture Standing

You have your ergonomic sit/ stand desk you will be able to maintain good posture by standing for part of the time. Advanced manufacturing has been used to provide customers with the best quality sit/ standing desk. This is built expressly for this purpose. Remember to take some time away from your home office and try to go outside for a while each day to be in the open air and take a walk.

You have a small space at home for your office this is the right desk for you, it is also extremely affordable. The height adjustment allows it to accommodate people of all heights. There is also a cable management system to keep your office clutter-free, everything should remain tidy. The overall effect is clean and streamlined and looks inviting and cool.

Best Gaming Posture Overall

You choose to spend a lot of time sitting and gaming as opposed to standing, you need to have a basic understanding of body mechanics. Spending long hours streaming or competing sitting in a chair is not an anatomically natural position. Sitting in a chair and gaming may ultimately cause postural problems to arise. The natural resting position for a human is the squat position and sitting like this will not be of any use to gamers.

So because sitting is unnatural we are going to split the day with sit/ stand at our desk. We have established that it is not good to be sitting all day.

and we don’t want to develop spinal stenosis. The other thing that happens when we sit too long is that our muscles become too tight. We don’t want to damage our bodies while getting lost in our work. The sitting/standing desk is ideal, and sometimes while really busy you will have to remind yourself to stand up for a while and move around a bit.

Gaming Sitting Position

Even our breathing is affected by our gaming posture, and because we are not sitting correctly we won’t be able to breathe correctly. Maintain better posture it will lead to better performance and outcome. You need to aim for a neutral spine position. Everything about our positioning is important as we won’t be able to give our best performance if our posture is not correct. Always be sure that your mid-back and neck are positioned correctly.

The position of our shoulder blades can place excessive tension on surrounding joints, and we need to be aware of this.


Gamer sitting position and good gaming posture are so easily overlooked and it is important to know the best posture for gaming. So it is essential that you order your sit/ stand desk and your ergonomic chair today so that you remain in the best gaming sitting position.