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Get Organized in 2021 with these Kitchen Storage Ideas

Get Organized in 2021 with these Kitchen Storage Ideas

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A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. There are many ways to keep your kitchen tidy and organized, but the most important thing is that you have somewhere to put everything. Here are some great ideas for organizing your kitchen with storage solutions for every space. It’s never too early or too late to start keeping things neat and tidy in the heart of your home.

The average person spends about an hour in their kitchen per day, so it’s worth investing time into making sure it’s as comfortable and welcoming as possible! This blog post will explore how you can make use of the little spaces you have available to store all those things we tend to forget about until they’re needed again. The following are some easy and effective Kitchen Storage Ideas:

  1. Corner cabinet storage

This would be perfect for utilizing cabinet corners since it can be difficult to store items inside cabinets because of its limited space on corners. Corners can be utilized effectively by hanging wall shelves or cabinet organizers such as spice racks, trays, utensil holders etc. It can also serve as shelf dividers that make cabinet cleaning easy.

  1. Trouser organizers

If you have a cabinet that are not too deep, there is no need to spend money on buying hanging clothes organizers. You can make your own trouser cabinet storage using shelves and lengths of sturdy plastic pipe or wood dowel rod that would fit inside the cabinet. Use them as hanger holders for different types of slacks such as skinny pants, culottes, capris, etc.

  1. Step cabinet utilisation

If you have a step cabinet in the kitchen, then use it effectively by setting small baskets on each shelf that are being used to store frequently used items like cooking oils, teacup sets, wine glasses, etc. This will enable you to see all your everyday essentials easily without bending and wasting time looking for each item.

  1. Stacking cabinet

A stacking cabinet is very suitable in any cabinet since it uses space efficiently. Install cabinet shelves or cabinet organizers such as spice racks on top of the cabinet below so that items could be stacked up easily without needing to stack them one by one at a time. It would be better if you can install shelves or organizers on both sides of the cabinet below, which allows more storage options.

  1. Installing hooks

This is applicable for hanging cabinets where there is no shelf installed but only one rail along the side of the cabinet inside (hanging rails). You can use a sturdy kitchen towel hook or even an eye-hook that has been screwed onto the wall and place towels or other items on hooks that can be hanged when the cabinet door is opened. This way, the cabinet won’t look cluttered, and your towels or kitchen essentials are always accessible.

  1. Double pantry

This storage idea would double the cabinet space since it uses both cabinet sides by installing a shelf above each cabinet side to stack up food ingredients that are not too tall such as canned goods, cereal boxes, etc., so that they can fit in perfectly without taking too much cabinet space. To make it perfect, you may also install vertical cabinet shelving inside hanging cabinets below where higher items such as bottled beverages or cans of pasta sauce could be stored instead of stacking them at one single location. Using this storage idea will help you save a lot of cabinet space.

  1. Utilize cabinet door

Cabinet doors can be used to store items such as Tupperware, small containers of spices, or even tea bags by placing them on hanger hooks which are then placed onto the cabinet door after cabinet cleaning is done. You can also use cabinet doors to hang small jars that could hold oats, nuts, etc., for easy access while cooking.

  1. Kitchen cabinet storage boxes

If your cabinet has enough space inside but not enough space outside where items could be stored beside the cabinet without taking too much room, you may install additional shelves that are placed at the back of a cabinet instead of installing hanging shelves so that you have more place where you can put lids and pots together with its matching cabinet.

  1. Utilize cabinet gaps

Cabinet gaps are found on the wall cabinet where there is no space for cabinet shelves to fit in, which then just leaves a gap between cabinet and cabinet sheets, leaving the cabinet looking incomplete and messy. If you want all the cabinet space to be used effectively, you may install cabinet organizer such as spice racks that fit snugly into cabinets so that there aren’t any loose parts hanging out of cabinet but has yet been used completely.

  1. Using tiles inside hanging cabinets

If you have wooden kitchen cabinets or wooden wall cabinets with a glass front door, it would be best to place tiles on top of them so that their beauty can also be seen inside by putting small flower vases or even plates on tiles inside the cabinet, making cabinet look arranged and beautiful.

There are many other cabinet storage ideas you can do if you know what is really lacking in your cabinet that needs to be organized. There may also be some cabinets that have plenty of cabinet space but might not be very visually appealing since the cabinet design or materials are too old and outdated for today’s home living which could need replacement by either installing new cabinet doors or wrapping up its exterior with tile or marble that has a warm touch instead of plain wooden material.

In the end, it is important to remember that kitchen storage ideas are a personal choice, and what works for one person might not work for another. However, with these tips in mind, you will have an easier time making your own decisions about how best to store items in your space. Hopefully, this article has given you some new ways of thinking about where things should go or how much they should be stored so that you can get back to enjoying cooking.