10 Feng Shui Kitchen Taboos You Must Know

Feng shui, known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese art. It claims to use energy force by arranging the surrounding environment to achieve balance and harmony. We widely use feng shui to discuss architecture in terms of invisible forces. It translates into wind-water in English. Although fengshui is controversial because it cannot be verified scientifically now, proponents believe that fengshui is an essential factor in clothing, food, housing, and transportation. For example, many Chinese people take feng shui into account when refurbishing their houses. The requirements of kitchens and bedrooms are more demanding. We will discuss the feng shui kitchen taboos, including feng shui kitchen layout, feng shui for kitchen color, feng shui for kitchen stove and sink, etc.


What Feng Shui Kitchen Taboos You Should Avoid?

  1. The kitchen door faces other doors at home

According to Feng Shui, it is essential to determine the location of the kitchen door. The kitchen door should not be opposite other doors at home. Fengshui claims that you will have a financial loss if the kitchen door faces the front door. Besides, in the five element theory ( metal, earth, fire, water, and wood ), the kitchen represents fire while the bathroom represents water. If the kitchen door faces your bathroom door, the clash between fire and water will cause your financial damage, digestive system, or family inharmony. You should also avoid making your kitchen door face your bedroom door because the cooking fumes will make people dizzy and easily irritable.

  1. The kitchen stove faces the kitchen door

From the perspective of fengshui, the kitchen door is the channel to qi (invisible forces). If the stove faces the kitchen door, the fire will be direct impacted by qi (chi). So it will seriously affect the health of the family and bring monetary losses.

  1. The kitchen stove is placed in the center of the kitchen

The kitchen stove is forbidden to be in the center of the kitchen. According to feng shui, the center means no dependence. Setting the stove in the center will make you an unstable fortune. And the family is easy to scatter, and money is also easy to lose. That is to say: you will have wealth loss and latent disaster.


  1. The kitchen stove is put at the northwest

In feng shui, different directions mean good luck or bad luck. Representing the head of the household and money, the Qian Gua lies in the northwest. In ancient China, the father or the male tends to earn more money and master economic rights. Thus, if the kitchen stove is situated towards the northwest, there will be an adverse effect on men.

  1. The kitchen is full of clutter

Another thing to avoid in fengshui is clutter. We should keep every area of the house, not just the kitchen, organized. Being is a special place in the house, the kitchen is often directly connected to other common areas. With a meaning of fire, the kitchen can potentially enhance wealth fortunes while influencing the hostess of the family. A cluttered kitchen can negatively affect the family and even confuse the energy that moves through the house. Therefore, declutter your home frequently and keep this space clean all the time.


  1. The kitchen cabinets are red

Feng shui kitchen color is another significant factor. As the kitchen represents fire in the five elements, red cabinets can make fire more vigorous. A red theme of kitchen decor may call for a fire hazard.

  1. Open kitchen design

Some people like open kitchens because they look more stylish and have more space. However, according to feng shui, an open kitchen with an uncovered layout is hard to gather qi (invisible forces) and will weaken the ability to accumulate wealth. In other words, it is difficult for the family to be wealthy and lucky. And it is also not easy for the host to make true friends. Also, because of the larger space and airflow in an open kitchen, the fire in the stove will be more unstable. An open kitchen will also cause water and fire to be incompatible, affecting health badly.


  1. The kitchen is set in the center of the house

Another taboo to avoid is to set the kitchen in the center of the house. On the one hand, the living room will be filled with fumes, which is not good for your health. On the other hand, the family is prone to monetary loss if the kitchen is in the center of the house. In feng shui, we call this layout fire burning the heart. Namely, the energy of fire will burn away your auspicious objects.

  1. The beam is above the stove

In feng shui, there is a saying that it is inauspicious if a beam is above the stove. If a person sits under a beam for a long time, he or she will be stressed at work and in poor health. He or she will suffer from dizziness, headaches, insomnia, and other brain diseases. At the same time, the beam above the stove will hamper good luck inside the home. Also, the space above the kitchen users’ heads is relatively narrow. So people will get depressed subconsciously. In addition, the lower height makes it not easy to disperse heat, smell, or gas generated when cooking, harming health.

Kitchen Sink

  1. The stove is adjacent to the sink and refrigerator

Since sinks and refrigerators are places with water vapor, they conflict with stoves. So the stove should not be adjacent to the sink or refrigerator. Instead, you can separate the stove and sink or refrigerator with a counter to avoid the clash between water and fire. Moreover, feng shui believes that the refrigerator also represents the storage and gathering of wealth, with a water element. It is easy to cause family health problems if you set the stove near the refrigerator.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]