Drawer Slide Supplier Malaysia

Drawer Slide Supplier Malaysia

If you’re looking to purchase drawer slides in Malaysia, you may not know where to start or what options are available to you. Even if you already have an idea of the kind of drawer slides you need, how can you be sure that they will provide you with the quality and features you want? That’s where Venace comes in.

As one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality drawer slides in Malaysia market, we work closely with clients worldwide to ensure that their orders are exactly what they need to optimize productivity and profitability.

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1) Finding Malaysia Drawer Slide Supplier

You are eager to remodel your kitchen or install a custom cabinet to preserve all your favorite collections. With our drawer slides manufactured in Malaysia, you can be sure that you’re getting quality products for a great price. If you are wondering how to find drawer slide supplier malaysia then you’ve come to the right place! Each of our products is machined with precision and designed for maximum usability, which will make sure your cabinets glide smoothly.

We have been offering our quality products at competitive prices since we started out over a decade ago, so if you have any questions regarding pricing or need assistance finding drawer slide supplier malaysia then please contact us today. Our staff here at Venace strives to provide customers with superior customer service. Whether it’s answering emails quickly or being available to answer any questions you may have, we aim to deliver quick results without compromising on product quality.

We offer free samples so customers can test before they buy so feel free to request samples today! By working directly with manufacturers, we are able to pass these cost savings onto customers while maintaining exceptional workmanship.

2) Different Types of Drawer Slides

There are three different types of drawer slides that can be used to create smooth-running drawers, cabinets, and other furniture pieces. Each has its own special applications and advantages, so your choice will depend on what you’re creating. Still, it’s good to understand all three so you’ll know what might work best for your situation. We’ll describe each type below ; if you need drawer slide suppliers malaysia, check our shop!

(#1) Full extension ball bearing slide: This kind is most commonly used for dressers and tall kitchen cabinets where there needs to be lots of clearance between drawers. They allow tall items (like pots and pans) to slide fully out; they also make it easy to grab things with your hands because they keep everything extended with no gap between them and the drawer fronts. Full extension ball bearing slides usually come at a higher price than their counterparts but they provide optimal convenience and superior quality with sturdy steel construction and an assortment of options (lengths, finishes). As such, these draws may be right for those who frequently use big pots or tall clothing items. If you need drawer slide suppliers malaysia, check our shop!

(#2) Half extension half guide slider: These slides are perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms. They have a guide rail attached so you can pull things halfway out without losing balance. The main disadvantage is that both sides aren’t completely open for retrieving things; it does, however, create more space inside your drawer and isn’t as heavy duty as some other models. Half extension half guide sliders work best if you’re looking for something affordable yet functional and reliable. If you need drawer slide suppliers malaysia, check our shop!

(#3) Quadrant sliding door track kits: Sometimes referred to as rotary drawers, these simple kits offer ease of movement. Since they don’t require installation on wheels (you simply mount them directly on your cabinet or furniture piece), they tend to cost less than some other types. However, you’ll want to ensure that your desk or dresser won’t tip over before purchasing one of these. To adjust heights on a quadrant sliding door track kit , simply add blocks beneath its mounting holes. Keep in mind that since it offers just two points of contact to maintain stability, you might not want to go wild decorating your surfaces around these drawers–this type is typically for basic storage. If you need drawer slide suppliers malaysia, check our shop!

If you are interested in any of products/ services provided by us then please don’t hesitate to reach us via email or call us at : (+86-20-82303742)

3) Advantages of Shopping From us

Adopting advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, we make high-quality drawer slides with customized size and color for our customers. To save customers’ money and time, we provide free sample and design drawings.

By choosing us as your supplier, you will be able to enjoy fast delivery service because we have professional logistic team at your service. High quality, competitive price and excellent customer service are here waiting for you. You could get further information by contacting us now! Our product catalog is broad and complete. You can definitely find what you want. We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon.

Please note that every effort has been made to ensure that all details on this website are correct, however small discrepancies may exist due to human error or data processing errors when inputted into our systems electronically. Venace shall not be liable for any such errors or omissions without limitation under local law regarding products sold online outside of Malaysia.