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What Are The Types Of Kitchen Baskets

Different types of kitchen baskets by design

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A wide variety of kitchen baskets allows you to find a convenient model, based on the interior of the kitchen and your wishes. They can be installed independently or purchased with the headset. Let’s see what models are available for storing kitchen utensils by design.


There are two types of metal kitchen baskets:

  1. lattice – steel or stainless steel rods, welded in the form of a mesh, for example, a basket-lift, for drying;
  2. container – a metal container made of stainless steel with side through holes.

Hanging wire models are convenient for storing small kitchen utensils: spoons, forks, bottle openers, whisks.

Pull-out kitchen basket

The feature of such models is that they move out due to the built-in sliding mechanisms. In this case, the entire structure is taken out to the outside. Pros – The ability to immediately find a thing or product, without laying out the contents of the container. Can be used for both floor-standing cabinets and wall cabinets. Fasteners are located depending on the width of the container:

  1. in wide horizontal baskets – on the left and right sides;
  2. in narrow vertical ones – built into hidden side niches.

The pull-out mechanism consists of two sliding guides (sleds): an upper and a lower bar.

Bottle holder

This is a kind of narrow pull-out kitchen basket in which two shelves are provided: an upper and a lower one. Popular models are available in widths of 250, 200, and 150 mm. It is convenient to store bottles with oil, vinegar, alcoholic drinks, sauces in them.

The wider ones – from 300 to 400 mm – are used for storing dishes or food. They can be both built-in and mobile. They are rolled out on rolls (wheels) attached from below.

Metaboxes and tandemboxes

Standard drawers with a pull-out system on rollers or balls – metaboxes and tandemboxes. They make the most of the space in the kitchen, as they are built into any set.



  • The thin walls of the wood metaboxes and the chipboard bottom make them lightweight and durable.
  • Some tandembox models are made of glass or durable plastic.
  • Boxes with a large volume of capacity have a tubular railing (roof rails).


This is a pull-out kitchen basket that looks like a bottle holder. The difference is that the mesh shelves are made of metal with small slots. It is convenient to store narrow but tall items in them, for example, jars for spices or cereals, detergents, and cleaning products. The standard width is 200 mm, but they can be made to order both larger (over 200 mm) and smaller (100-150 mm).

By design, there are single-level, two-level, and multi-level.

For beveled corners

Built-in pull-out baskets are provided for kitchen furniture with beveled corners. They save room space to make the most of it. The guides are attached to the sidewall of the floor stand.

Carousel system

It does not slide out, but it is also used in a kitchen set. A carousel basket is installed inside the corner pedestals. On the central axis, located vertically, pallets made of metal mesh are attached. There can be 2-3 of them. Tall carousel models with adjustable heights are popular – from 600 to 900 mm.

Types of pull-out mechanisms

All pull-out kitchen baskets are equipped with special fittings that allow drawers to be pulled out quickly and easily. What mechanisms are used for this, what is their feature:

Roller guides. Such a system cannot withstand heavy loads (maximum – 20-25 kg), emits a characteristic sound from the movement of the rollers along with the runners.

Ball guides. Here the ball guides are installed not only from the sides but also from below, which allows them to withstand significant loads – up to 60 kg.

When choosing guides, pay attention to the thickness of the metal from which they are made. The service life depends on this, that is, the thinner the metal, the faster the device will be out of service. This is especially true for roller mechanisms. The optimum thickness is 1-1.2 mm.