corner desk frame

Corner Desk Frame

Due to cost constraints, More and more people do busy and great work in limited office space. If the desk space is very limited, this may affect your efficiency, especially professional managers often need larger desks to cope with daily busy tasks because they need bigger Tablespace. If you happen to have two open walls or need more space to place documents, a corner desk or L-shaped desk may be your best choice. If you want to have an ergonomically designed table at the same time, you can choose an L-shaped standing desk. If you want to DIY your own style table, of course, you have to choose the corner desk frame as the basis.

What is a corner desk frame?

As the name suggests, it is the basic shelf for table placement or installation in the corner. It actually has another name, L-shaped desk frame. The table is a combination of table frame and table top.

Select desk frame

Choosing legs for a desk is not easy. There are many great desk ideas. You can choose a design online or from a catalog. First of all, you need to measure the size, according to the size of your office or corner size to determine the desk frame size. Consider whether to use regular legs or adjustable desk legs. If you use an adjustable table, consider whether to select electric legs or you will adjust their height manually.

If you plan to build a built-in desk, you may not need legs at all. When you don’t have enough space for a separate desk, the idea of ​​a built-in desk for the home office is good.

Today, there are many choices. Whether your home office is small or large, you can find a desk that suits you.


Standard Desk Design

if you’re just looking for a place to set your monitor and your mouse and keyboard, this is a tried and true design that get’s the job done.

Standing Desk Design

Standing desks have been growing in popularity in the last few years. Part of this is because of recent studies showing that standing for some part or your day is much healthier than sitting for 8+ hours a day.


L Shape or Corner Desk Design

if you have two open walls or need the extra space for your papers, projects, or a guest, a corner or L-shaped desk may be your best choice.

Wrap Around  Desk Design

if you have a lot of room available, need space to house multiple computers, or work on several project at once you may want to consider building an extra large desk.

Pick a table top

First of all, you need to measure the size, according to the table frame selected in the front, and then, if you want to make your own desktop completely by yourself, then purchasing local recycled wood can add a unique and rough beauty to your desk.

In Venace, we provide dealers with only the lifting desk frame for many styles. Because there are too many terminal customers, we have not made a fixed choice for their choice of table top, but hope that dealers can provide them to the terminal After the consumer’s desk, the end consumer chooses his own style of desk board. In addition, the size of the desktop board is too large, which greatly increases our cost during the transportation process, which is contrary to our “Better Life Better Price” concept, because we reduce the cost to give preferential treatment to our buyers. In addition, to reduce the possibility of damage during transportation, the damage rate of the desktop board during long-distance transportation is too high. Of course, we will also cooperate according to the wishes of the dealers, and if a table top is needed, we will also support the demand.

For those who do not want to make a desk top from scratch, then you can buy a desk top you like from a nearby home furnishing store or IKEA. The search process is also relatively simple. You can find these businesses from Google Maps. After finding a suitable table top, use it to install with your own desk frame.

Adjustable Corner desk frame does not need to consider the installation height.

If you have purchased the Corner desk frame and table top, then you need to find the ideal height for your desk and adjust it to the most comfortable position with your chair. If you have an adjustable Corner desk frame, then you can There is no need to consider this height first, because the table can be adjusted after installation.

standing desk use

For those who have poor hands-on ability or don’t want to be too troublesome, I still suggest that you can directly purchase the pre-assembled or easy-to-install height-adjustable standing desk frame, and then directly install the selected desktop board, saving a lot of time.